Monday, February 16, 2009

Tak de Mood untuk Berbuat Apa-apa....

This is just one of those days when I feel half-hearted as I step in the office, yet had to put a bright and bubbly face on because its just another day at work. I didn't get to sleep much last night because I can't seem to get myself to bed and instead, spent the night watching Criminal Minds 4 Part 1.

Hence, explains the blood-shot red eyes on my pretty little face today.

The weekend has been quiet. Didn't go out much, didn't call anyone. Nothing much to do either. Sigh.

And arif has been trying his utmost best to pujuk me (yet again).

This time he brought me to visit our (supposed-to-be) home (if we are ever going to wed each other) at Challis Damansara.


Ni yang aku lemah ni.

Who wouldn't be?

Right smack in front of you is the (almost complete, fully equipped high end) townhouse in the heart of Mutiara Damansara (which is 5 minutes to both OU and the Curve) which is almost 90% complete....u can see them all nicely lined up.


Again....aku insan yang lemah.

In fact, the agents had already called and confirmed that keys will be handed to us in June.


So much for the cancelled wedding.

So much for the dreadfull ...... that has led to the cancelled wedding.

So much -

Why can't I just jet off and leave a classic runaway bride?

Sheesh....maybe runaway brides do face all these dilemmas (and many more), maybe nobody had just spoken or thought of it too much.

I hate to be starting to dream again (especially with the same person). It still hurts. I just wish it could all go away. The woes. The anger. The dissapointment.

*the unnerving parents*

I just wish I can pack my bags and leave...just like a coward. Simple. Run away from everything and start over.

But I know that I can't do that. There are things to face here.

*Thinking about it feels like I am in a battle macam dalam StarWars or Lord Of the Rings...sheesh....gila pening. Banyak sangat keganasan*

Maybe if I am just a little patient things will turn around and get better in a few months time. Maybe if I just hold on to faith things will change.


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