Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank you

What can I say?Many thanks to everyone who expressed support over this past couple of days.Though I am inclined to keep to myself more,believe me its for the best,because I have my own way of handling frustration and its not going out and meet as many people as I can.

hehehe.Not that meeting people is a bad thing.

Its just me.

Even years back when my mom and dad went through a divorce I keep more to myself.I stay locked in.I read books.I watch DVD's.I stare at the ceiling.Call me anti social but it makes me feel better faster not having to dwell on the look of shock and pity on people's faces, and the symphathy they extended.


It does trouble a lot of people,they way I handled my maxim depression.Especially my mom.She hates it when I shut the world out.It drives her crazy.But I think its better than venting my frustrations out on people,or blaming the world for my woes.

All I know is when I am done with my grief I'll go out like the old me and no one will notice that it ever happened.Then no more sorry looks,or symphaty that I clearly don't need.


Don't worry ya.Not that its the end of the world.Arif and I still talk,and we still go out to eat.We just decided not to get married,remember?Not kill each other.


1 comment:

Lina Chan said...

takpe la..
maybe jodoh akak ngan org lain..
erm, sy terpaksa cancel my leave bulan 3 baru2 ni..
sy minta cuti seminggu..


terpaksa kembali bekerja..