Thursday, February 12, 2009

When I feel like my body is failing me...

OMG, I felt as if my body is crumbling to pieces.

The thing is, I sprained my left ankle a few days ago. I thought its a no biggie. But compound the pain with running at the gym last Tuesday for almost an hour and high heels to work. Sigh. Yeah. I should have taken it easy.

*But then the attempt to feel hot can feel no such pain. Hahahaaha. Gilo. As if la kan. But everything starts with the mind. Kalau aku dok lampi je fikir negative day in and day out pun tak guna jugak kan? So that brings out the high heels, the make-up, the extra time in the showers early morning....a huge amount of perfume....among others*

Not that I never did any of those before. Most of the time I just can't be bothered.*Sebab aku tau despite anything aku sangat gorjes...hahahaha....gelak syaiton* But then since even the worse-dressed person in office is making an effort to look good then aku macam ketinggalan bandwagon la pulak. What the hell is this....a farking (invisible/unknown/unintentional) beauty contest?


Tergugat natural beauty aku nih.

So I have to pull out more ammunition for this (invible/unknown/unintentional pagent). Hahahha...I don't want to come out last. Maybe I am not super hot, but I bet I am pretty easy on the eyes.

*huge grin....apa la aku melalut ni? I can make people cringe so early on a Thursday morning*

Back to my aching ankle.

So yesterday it got way overboard, and I am flipping already because my back is aching too. So high time nak pergi berurut. n Thank God arif masih berbaik hati nak drive me around town (and buy me dinners...hahahaha....aku sangat sengkek bulan ni...mekacih la) and he took me and my sis to meet Mak Cik Ida (my dearly beloved tukang urut) kat Keramat.

Yeah, its far. But it seems like she's the only one that can weave the pain away.

Almost 2 hours of urut she declared that I am ok, and that I shouldn't push myself too hard, especially when I got a sprained ankle.


I knew that. I am just to stubborn to admit it.

I let the oil rest for a night and today I feel so...... S.E.G.A.R. The ankle pain is still there but its not as excruciating, and I think the sore bump had gone away.

Back on high heels.

*huge grin*

Boleh tak? Camno nak baik ni?

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