Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When V-Day is Just Around the Corner....

It has been a pretty boring day.....with neither anything much to do nor say. So here I am staring at the blank screen and suddenly got ditched out of the office communicator (that somehow went from actively communicating to offline in a jiffy) and again.....nothing to do.

So here I am, thinking of what to do...browsing my (now empty) calendar (coz Rihanna just got smashed and that trashed the hope of getting free tix), and found out that its Valentine's Day this weekend.

To be more exact, its this Saturday.


My ex's alway use the "I-don't-celebrate-VDay-coz-its-a-lame-orang-kafir-event" excuse, not even considering the sentimental values/messages behind it...that despite the horrific history of the day (yeah, lets not go through it again shall we), it all screams out is just a simple word....LOVE.

That is suppose to be a day of sharing, of giving, and just a simple excuse to make one normal day another special day.

My ex's always say ,"wth, we can always make other days special, it doesn't have to be Valentines Day when the price of stuff are all so extortious" and yes, we could, but it never happened, didn't they?

Because unless you scream for attention, they also forget "the day we met", (ok, maybe not that) or "the anniversary" (in which he later gives an excuse that maybe it just happen, he's busy and that he's sorry) or worse, your own birthday.

To all the men out there,

We women don't actually care whether we celebrate VDay or not, but then if there are no other days when you put an effort to which would be any special, then why not we celebrate it anyway?


Its just another day for you to show us how much we are loved, cherished and valued, and another day for us to do the same to you.

And since I am single at the moment (technically speaking), I am glad to spread the love to my girlfriends.

Have a date with Liza at Delicious @ Marc Residency on Friday night (that's VDay's eve) and all my blogger babes are invited. Lets dress up and camwhore.



~LIZA~ said...

yeah, lets!!

f.i.e.z.a said...

so true.agree sangat2.
how i wish i can join u all.tsk.

Zuraida said...

Dear f.i.e.z.a,

Air asia kan ada!Sempat lagi!!!!

*huge grin*