Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Window shopping at lunch time

Had lunch at Nando's today with a couple of friends, and since I have some spare time after I was done, I did some window shopping in OU on the walk back to office.

*Not that I can buy anything. After the dent in my savings from the (cancelled) wedding extravaganza, I am now on crash saving mode to (yet-again) recover from the aching my bank account balance felt for quite some time....sigh....now is not the time to spend money*

Cuci mata saje....

Followed Alina to F.O.S and while she was trying out some tops, found a few pairs of yoga pants at bargain price.


But have.to.restraint.myself.

Sigh! (yet again)

Maybe a few yoga pants won't kill kan? Besides, its not that pricey. Maybe I should consider it later on pay day, after all my dues are met.....*smile*....and some part of my pay is stash far far away in an untouched savings account. Then maybe if there's excess here and there I might just get my hands on a pair or two.

Besides, taxes are due in a couple of weeks and I don't want to be a tax-evader. Nanti tak boleh pergi oversea.


Itu yang aku fikir?

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