Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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1) Apakah nama blog anda sekarang dan kenapa anda memilih nama itu?

My blog (or belog...seperti kata Hanis Zalika...iya, aku juga baca belog kamu!) is Story of My Life...from My Point of View. Reason being there might be a lot of version of the same story, and what you read here is my personal expression of the ins and happenings of my life.

So anyone yang tak puas hati sila buka blog sendiri thank you.

2) Apakah link blog anda sekarang dan bagaimana boleh timbul idea unruk menamakannya seperti itu?

Ia adalah nama saya sendiri....zuesarin.

Simple kan?

*saya tak suka benda yang terlalu rumit.

3) Apakah method penulisan blog anda?

Free and easy. as long tak bernanah otak baca, hahahaha, coz seriously, kalau sakit mata, sakit hati buat apa bukak blog kan?

4) Pernah terasa nak hapuskan blog anda? Sebab?

NEVER. Frankly speaking there are morons who try to mess with me and bring me down but then wth, what doesn't break you makes you stronger...so here I am. I don't bother people and couldn't care less for people who don't matter to me.

So pada orang yang tetiba saiko je nak merempan kan....go get a life. I just can't be bothered.

5) Apakah pendapat anda mengenai blog kepada pemilik blog yang tag anda ini?

She fun and loving and caring and great person to know!Me love u lots babe!

Adakah aku ingin mengetag sesiapa?

Anyone who feels like it, feel free!!!!

You don't have to email me to get access to her blog.....

I know i know....most of the person who frequent here comes from Peej's blog. And yeap, I also know that she had recently turned to private mode.

But then, if you guys don't know me personally (or her, personally), tak payah la nak letupkan my mailbox with pleas for me to ask her to invite you guys.

And I bukan saje2 ok tulis entry ni...mula2 nampak satu email takpe lagi...then ada lagi, dan lagi dan lagi....

Sudah lebih la ni.

Things must happen for a reason. The fact that the blog is now private and your not invited may mean that the writer need some personal space. Then I believe we should respect her wishes and just sit back, hopefully that in due time she'll get back to her feet and open up to the world again.

Till then yang ko nak menggelupur kat sana tu buat apa? Chill la.




Sometimes I look back over the past decade in search of something I can be proud of, and some way or another I feel like I have dissapointed myself.

And I have only myself to blame.

Yeah. I made mistakes. I admit that. Somehow or rather I expected more of me but here I am, yet at another crossroad, re-evaluating my priorities, performance and yet again pushed to decide what I should do next and where to go to....

Of course, there are good moments.

I met great people that now became my best friends.

I had opportunities to work with extraordinary individuals that had taught me a lot in becoming who I am today. Up till today I look up at them as mentor and teacher.

I get to travel every now and then, which I love. I got to see new places. Breath air at uncommon places.

But then again not everything is as beautiful.

I also learn that people can turn against each other for personal gain. Not everyone should be taken at face value, no matter how sincere looking they are. No matter how you hate to admit, there are other people who are willing to sacrifice values to get a step further.

It hurts. But its true.

Sometimes it surprises me the length in which people can go just to get what they want (in which it can be both a good thing, and also a bad thing) and I suppose that I should have known better and expected the worse, rather than just expect the best in people and hope things will turn out well.


Its okay.

Maybe there are other greener pastures. Let's pray for it.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cari hadiah baby....

Last Saturday was really really tiring. *padahal tak buat apa pun* I was supposed to have morning breakfast with Liza, but then since both of us was up late (oklah, mostly because I bangun lambat...just admit it!), breakfast became tea break sebab I end up meeting Liza at Oldtaste slightly after 2pm.

Liza siap boleh pergi salon blow rambut. Hahahahah. Punya semangat nak jumpa Tina and Elyas.

Anyway, since both of us hadn't got Elyas a pressie yet (sebab myself, Liza, Zie and Farah Foxy nak tong tong beli hadiah for baby E) , so after coffee Liza and I head to Carrefour Wangsa Maju to get something before we head on to Tina's place. At first I had a walker at BabyJaya in mind but then macam jauh la pulak nak pergi Uptown when we are both already at Setiawangsa (then Tina is at Melawati....duh, get the picture??), so we braved the crowd at Carrefour.

First of all....mission fail. I have to say the baby stuff selection there sucks big time and even the baby hampers are a dissapointment.Baru ingat nak grab satu hamper barangan baby utk baby Putra.

Then we went to a Baby shop behind Carrefour....where both of us fell in love with a Sweet Cherry stroller tapi salesgirl tu dua dua buat bolayan ngan kitorang....

What.....kitorang ni takde muka customer nak beli stroller ke???

Me = Dissapointed.

We end up with nothing. But I thought since I am still going to Tina's, I might as well bring something. So I bough Elyas a teddy bear and drove to Tina's......

Tapi Tina tido!!!!And we thought dia takde kat umah.

Kesimpulannya = setelah 2 weekend mencuba, masih belum dapat jumpa Elyas. Sigh....

We had beriyani before we said our goodbye's...then later I sambung my baby gift hunt dengan Arif pulak.....

*hahahahhaah! Gelak koji....dah start tak boleh berhenti*

At BabyLand SS2, I found this...

*Graco stroller in lime green - harga sangat reasonable after the discount they gave away, for Graco and I macam suke je...heheheh*

And I pun suka playpens and baby cots at BabyLand....tapi over budget....hahahaha....so KIV.

Lepas pi BabyLand, we went to Giant Kota Damansara.

That was my first time going there and oh my God....besar tak hengat. I love the Nail Parlour salon there...its more spacious than the one they have in OU and the baby branded outlet at the ground floor.

Ces, melampau. Macam aku pulak nak bershopping baju baby.

Anyway, their offerings of baby hamper sucks too. Sedih je I tengok. But then I got the following for consideration....

*Sweet Cherry stroller - same color with Graco but somehow I prefer the Graco better*

*More Sweet Cherry stroller*


That girl was testing the playpens to the max, bouncing around like nobody's business. Hahahaha. At some point terdetil jugak hati ni....wow, its so durable.


Maybe that's a better bargain than the strollers.
All was not to an avail. While window shopping I terkenangkan Boo (Farah's munchkin) and teringat masa time kitorang lepak breakfast haritu dia dah start hisap jari semua. So Boo, Auntie Zue got you this....

*to bite*

Nanti jumpa breakfast nanti I bawak kay!

Penat okay cari barang baby ni. The next day I tido je the whole day. I wonder nanti kalau i preggers macam mana la agaknya. heheheheh.

*Kan best kalau banyak duit then boleh buat pesen tunjuk2 kat katalog je? Oh my.....*

In support of Earth Hour....

*Lights were off, and my candles are put to use*

Its a good cause, and the least I could do for mother earth......

.......after all the sins of the earth that I have commited over my 2 (almost 3) decades of inhabitance.


And I was glad that many of neighbours are with me supporting the cause. It rocks. Big time.

Friday, March 27, 2009

What I Get When I Googled "Boracay"

Fieza....definitely not " a lady sunbathing naked". But instead, I got this....

*pic courtesy of Google Image*


Though its not boracay yet still, its white sandy beaches and lots and lots of sun.

I need that. A lot.

Chin up

*my new dream escape*

I am blessed with great friends. I thank God that I have them with me yesterday. While I sat on a sinking boat, I can't help but feel slightly better to have people who cared and supported me next to me, making me feel that I am not alone.


All is not lost.

I finally manage to get a good night sleep. I was tired, depressed and sad....which makes the ammo I sipped between my lips kicked in with full force at just the first dosage, so yeah, after hanging out with my friends I did go home and manage to fly to la la land immediately.

And I am now well rested.

I woke up with a good vibe. Jovial mood. As if yesterday never happened.

And the first thing I did today was....

Book a ticket out as soon as possible.

I don't care anymore...I don't care what will happen. I don't care if things just burn down to the ground.

I need to get out of town. Pronto.

Within 15 minutes the flight was confirmed.

It felt good.

Lunch time. Thank God its Friday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All I Can Say Is.....


at the moment I'm feeling battered, frustrated and definitely like an idiot.

It will never happen again.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tidbits before the end of the day....

The day wasn't so bad after all. I finally hooked up with my bestie Che Farah who's at the moment, residing in UAE, and had one hell of a great afternoon catching up...and talking about bags, shoes, sunnies etc.

*Sompah aku jeles dengan minah ni sebab boleh beli designer stuff at 1/3rd of the price kat Dubai...I was like wtf?*


Despite the sluggish working environment, we are still having our monthly bday celebration, and just now (like 10 minutes ago) we had the March Babies celebration.

The macademia cake is superb!

Now its almost the end of the day.


Tak sabar nak balik umah tengok SpaQ and find out what happen after last Thursday shocker. Hahahahaa. Soka la hati kan. Tak pergi gym lagi...

*kening angkat tinggi gelak keji*

And on top of all.....

I am feeling quite gratefull right now over an sms that just came in with "potentially" good news. Sigh...won't know for sure till I get to sit down about it but for now, its very very promising.


The Weekend where I had Great Food, Gossip with My Girls and Go Baby Stuff Hunting...

First of all....I want to extend my congratulations and share the happiness of two new mommies....my bestie and blogger babes Tina and Rinie for the arrival of Baby E and Baby Putra respectively.

*oh, boo dah ada kawan! yeay! - p/s : Boo - anak Farah Foxy*

Nak tahu detik2 before Tina's delivery (in which I briefly took part of) boleh la singgah ke blog Peej. Tak guna ulang dua tiga kali....basically we mutually share the same story.

Secondly, I had a great time at the Melting Pot @ Concorde last Friday night where Arif took me there for dinner to have....

*My favourite steam cod fish and sushi*

I spent the whole night just digging the steam cod fish (that I haven't had for ages), sushi's and sashimi's.


I just stayed in on Saturday, where Komala later picked me up and we chatted for hours at Killineys @ Uptown.

Later, we went to BabyJaya coz I need to find something for the new mommies.....

*Kalau I, I mahu benda ni.....boleh keep track size tangan baby and frame then later gantung...konon2 ala artsy!*


We found a lot of interesting bits there, I pulak macam excited nak beli barang baby, but some are quite funny also...

*Bantal senang hati - siap ada beany beans. tengok ad dia - baby tu tido nyenyak gila...hahahaah! so poyo!*

*Snuzzler...baby muka ala2 stunned atas car seat cover....baca atas tu...crash tested???Maybe sebab tu kot baby tu muka ala frozen....pics taken before crash test...hahahaah!*

*Muka baby ni pulak macam happy gila - sebab dapat SnugHug*

*Ni baby muka ala2 control sikit....sebab promote accessories...senyum ala2 malu...heheheh*

* Baby ni tido mati!!!!*

Komala and me tak habis2 dok belek barang2 ni satu2.

*I love the playpens...sooo cute!!!*

Hung out with blogger babes on Sunday for breakfast @ OldTaste Setiawangsa...most of us were there - Peej, Noy, Farah, Liza and sis and her friend Nabila. Ingat nak pergi visit Tina, but then Tina dah due nak discharged and we waited for ages for her to go to her parents tapi still stuck kat hospital.

*we contemplated nak visit Rinie jugak...tapi kereta I can't take the load....ye la, kereta aku pun kiut miut*

By the time she called me up at 5pm I dah nyenyak tido kat umah.


Takpe la beb, kita pergi next weekend kay? Tunggu the family visitor rush period settle down dulu. *and tunggu babybalik*

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Online Shop People....

Baju dia comel-comel...and they have simply ADORABLE *woot* satin maxi's....plus the price range is kinda reasonable. I am so liking it....

*Aku soka aku soka aku soka...*


Visit FashionObsession....click here.

*bestnye kalau banyak duit kat bank, can shop till I drop....heheheh!*

Friday yang Memenatkan...

I spent half day working on site....and now that I am back in office I am feeling so tired....nak tido nak tido nak tido....


Was at Selayang Hospital yesterday till slightly after 1am and didnt get to hit the sack till after 2am.....and with the physical work at site the whole morning, I am totally drained. I had a quick nap before hitting the shower after lunch to get ready to office but still....it doesn't help much.

And worse....I think I am developing a sore throat...

Sheesh. Tak nak la demam.


Anyway, thank God its Friday. Tak sabar nak balik and get some rest.

P/s : I hope Tina is OK by now. :). Praying that everything will turn out fine and we will soon meet Baby E. *smile*

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2am and wide awake...

I can say that my mind is racing (as if im in a horse race) tonight and I just can't seem to rest my mind for quite a number of reasons...

...worried of a dear friend.

...excited over an unexpected call.

...horrified of a news (of work,while I was away on work) that leads to quite a lot more unanswered (and worrying) questions.


It's quite a lot to digest in one night.


To those who misses me,I am well (fed), alive and breathing.Slightly experiencing low self esteem issue but I think its normal(given the circumstances).

I miss u too.

Hopefully will be back next Monday.U guys have a good week kay?Kan esok Friday,hehehhe.

Monday, March 16, 2009

After work Monday Blues....

I was bed-ridden on Friday day (tido je memanjang) but I did manage to drive all the way to Setiawangsa later at 10pm to meet Liza and had a cuppa at OldTaste.

*Muahahhhahaahah...gelak keji!*

Then I spent the next day sleeping - I can't believe that I can ever sleep that long - and totally missed two weddings (sangat sorry....nak pergi tapi sangat tak sehat....dah la hujan sejuk2 gigil).

I spent sunday at BVII with Tina - till 5pm....

*again...gila keji*

Now there's nothing much in my mind, just the normal Monday (again).....

*pic courtesy of Google Image, source click here*


Nasib baik dah end of the day...

Mau balik tgk The Race to Witch Mountain. Cya!!!

On Meeting Scheduled Later...

I wonder what the sudden meeting is for...

How I wish it was as easy to just "not be there"....hahahahah....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When the office reminds you of high school....

Ermmm....can I call my school "high school"? Anyway, no matter what the term is (middle school, scondary school, junior college...etc) I suppose in general terms all of you would know which part of schooling years I am referring to.

Yeah, the one where there are cliques, where it sucks to be part of the "not so popular crowd"...the one with the drama and backstabbing and what not.

Uni years were great.I can sleep it off like a dream as we leave the hell (or heaven) school brings us. Then we step into the adulthood and start scrouging for our own bread and butter...zoom about a decade from the day we left school and it hit me....

If you analyse things to bits....nothing really changed!

In the office you will still have the three main essentials....

1. The teacher's pets
Only now it wont be teacher's pet no longer....its the bosses favourites. No matter what put them there, people envy the brownie points these people get when it comes to exam time (or promotion/appraisal), the coolest jobs/ assignments and the list goes on.

No point screaming preferential treatment. Sigh.

2. The cliques/gangs
At some point you can always divide the whole office into subgroups - the popular, the not so popular, the nerd, the teacher's pet (see above), the weirdo's and the list goes on. Can't really blame people to have cliques because people tend to seek a sense of belonging, and they tend to get attracted to other with the same point of view, interest, goals and whatnot.

3. The drama
Office romance, backstabbing, conflicts, cat-fights - u name it. If u think people can go crazy in school and be vicious, they can be equally bad in the office. Want proof? Justgo and watch Ugly Betty Season 3 and see how Kimmy Keegan trash Betty in both school and later in Mode. Cruel okeh!


I suppose they're all part of life.

But then we all drew strength from experiences aite?? I believe the best intentions in people (in which sometimes makes me a bit naive and easily taken advantage of) and everyone makes mistakes, so we all should give room for others (and ourselves) to breath once in a while, do our best and move on with life.

I just wish I can just ignore most of the things (that drives me nuts) and not give a damn.

Again...trying our best here.

To woo me....

*gambar tak clear sebab ambik guna hp and tangan goyang....ttinggal camera kesayangan kat umah la pulak hari ni*

He spoils me....that is one thing Arif do best. I have to admit that. Even my mom agreed on that....that I am too spoilt by him, and he can never say no to me.


So as he is trying to win my heart again.....he yet again spoil me.

I was raving about JC's sale that will end this weekend over the phone before the end of work day yesterday, and by the time you know it...he's already waiting for me at my condo ready to take me out.

Hmmmmm....mula2 agak sangsi. Takkan la? But then I settled at his car seat, and he drove us staright to Pavillion. Walk straight to a chamber full of charms at Juicy Couture boutique and he said....

"Ok honey. U get to choose one today"

*he grin*

When he grinned its always a good sign. Means that he is happy with it.

So I picked one!


And so I sleep like a baby last night......

See how hard it is for me to resist???


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Do you think the charms will go off cheap??????
Should I rush to Pavillion then?

Mandi Kucing *meow....* apakah????

An ex collegue of mine joined a group of us for lunch and he mentioned that he's going to Jakarta soon for work and suddenly one of the guys shot a q...

"U tak nak try pergi mandi kucing ke?"

Duh....apakah itu?

Is it a spa term I never heard of? Because seriously takkan la ada spa service that I never came across.

I looked at the guys with a blank face (even some of the guys had a blank face too) and blankly asked....

"Mandi kucing tu apa???"

He smiled and flashed a vicious grin, and replied......hmmm, haruskah I explain????

Segan la!!!!!!

Kepada sape2 yang curious, I googled it (hahahahah!) and kalau nak tau apa dia, klik di sini (pardon me - dalam bahasa Indon ye.....so paham2 je la)

*u need a clue ? ini dia --- body massage alias pijat dengan anggota tubuh*

hehehheeh...what in the name of god can we all NOT find over the world wide web??


Scroll bawah2 sikit, topik dia bawah title mandi kucing.

Just in case ada anyone of you who wants to try - they say you can either choose lotion, milk, honey or chocolate to be used during the session. *grin*

Okay, back to work.

The Neverfull - in Graffitti

The Stephen Sprouse's LV Neverfull Graffitti has been around for a while, and I have definitely seen it online before in several bag review blogs...but then I never thought it will be one I would crave for.

Till I saw a lady strutting the piece in OU yesterday...

*pics courtesy of purseblog.com*

I have to take everything back now.

It's gorgeous.

I am now in a depressing craving stage. Help!

*How I wish I have access to Mode's closet....sigh....too bad Betty didn't know how lucky she is and take advantage of all of the perks she can get her hands on...because seriously, she's Daniel Meade's assistant for what, 3 seasons now, and still looks like that? No wonder Kimmy Keegan took over! ----- ini semua sebab episod semalam :P*


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brace yourself - ledakan gambar2 bersempena majlis pertunangan Mak Lang saya....heheheheheh!

Kira dah letak tajuk panjang2 kena semua paham2 la yang entry ni akan ada banyak gambar....hahahhaha....

Tapi sebelum apa2 nak selit ni dulu....

*Me - last Friday night - before I left home to pick up Liza*

Muka sememeh sebab takde make-up. Kononnya fresh look sebab baru lepas mandi basuh rambut semua, so malas nak letak concealer ke apa. Tahu2 Peej and Noy joined us, and diorang obviously pakai make-up macam Malaysia's Next Top Model (hahahahahah!), so I am a bit rendah diri la that night...

More pic's at Peej's blog - obviously u all tahu the link kan?

We hang out till almost 2 am, and I was suppose to go back straight to Tampin after tapi rasa macam penat pulak, so I detoured home, catched up on zzz's and only left KL for Kuala Pilah the next morning....

*dengan ayunya driving pakai kebaya top okeh!!!!*

I left at 9.30am and the traffic was bearable, though banyak kereta tapi still moving, tak jam. Aku sangat bersyukur!!!!Tak kuasa la kalau tiap2 kali balik stuck in jam. So manage to get to my Mak Lang's crib by 11am. Heheehhehe. For the first time ever I beat my mom, sebab she only get there close to 12pm.
Sementara tu I mingled with the relatives (coz Mak Lang I tengah bermake-up) and took photos with my cousins and anak sedara....

*apa la akak ni....suka bebenor tangkap gambo*

*Ini anak2 pak lang saya - wana, wani and wina - serious tak main2 okeh*

*Apa pandang-pandang??? Gangster ni....*

Lambat sungguh ko sampai ye.....that's my sister melambai2 macam ratu malaysia.....

Anyway, diorang turun kereta je kitorang terus snap pics!Hahhahahaah!

Okeh.....back to the story. Pada anda semua yang masih belum mengenali Mak Lang saya, here she is......

*Mak Lang saya - baru berumur 26 tahun*

*Before the ceremony - nanti kang dah start susah la pulak nak tangkap gambar kan??*

Ntah macam mana secara tak langsung tetiba kitorang jadi photographer for the day. Hahahahha! Tapi obviously kat kamera I banyak gambar I la *hoho, gelak keji*.

Some of the pics of the event day....

Ok, despite the lauk pauk yang banyak tu....bakal pengantin boleh makan ini saja...

*3 biji kuih dan satu gelas air sirap!!!!hahahaha!!!diet2....lagi 3 bulan nak langsung, tak boleh makan banyak2*

*Ani curi satu - tinggal 2*

At the end of the day semua orang kepenatan....

*kita tido dulu!!!!!*

* i pun penat jugak!!!*

Sigh...that's it from last weekend. The rest of the pics biar la I simpan dalam archives ye!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dalam banyak-banyak soalan....

Obviously soalan paling famous hari ni ialah....

"So, apa cerita ni???*

*And they were referring to MY wedding (which is supposed to be next week) in which was gloriously cancelled*

I was back at my granny's place today for my Mak Lang's engagement (in which is a year younger than me...mind you) and above all others.....people seem disinterest to ask about the soon to be newlyweds (who is scheduled to get married in June - which is going to happen in 3 months!) and decided that to gossip about me would be more fun!

The questions topped all other potential Q's that they can ask like....

1. Is the bride okey?
2. Has the bride been eating today?
3. Adakah mak andam mengandam macam horror?? (jangan salah anggap - the make-up tak horror...heheheh.Ia secantik andaman2 lain)
4. Why the hell do we need a 10 feet trail to the bridal gown when the house will be smack full with guest?
5.Have we even met the groom?
6. The shock on everyone's faces when they saw the groom's side and the hush hush.....lets not elaborate on the why...nanti aku kena label ehem ehem, tak soka!
7. Kenapa kita makan pulut kuning and sambal ikan bilis sajo?
8. Mana daging salai masak lemak cili api??? (Apa kaitan?)

And many more.....

But they insist on asking about me.


*maybe Mak Lang aku pun suka kot...at least dia tak kena panahan spotlight hari ni, I suppose she's already nervous as wreck already....kalau betul la isu yang kutunggu2 dibangkitkan, boleh pengsan agaknya dia kat situ...heheheh....*

Nasib baik diorang tak ungkit pasal jerawat...kalau tak mesti aku naik saiko.

*huge grin*

Anyway, I have long decided on one simple answer.

"Its complicated. I just can't take it. And maybe that its best that it doesn't happen now, rather than regret it later"

They seem dissatisfied. They did try to dig for more.

So what did I say u ask?

"Uish....dah tak jadi nak buat macam mana?*


And I grin sheepishly.

Pics will be uploaded next week! Hold on your horses ya peeps!

P/s : I had a good time hanging out with Liza, Peej and Noy last night. You girls rock!Sila email to me the piccas ya!


Gonna go to bed now. You a have a good weekend!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Dilanda angin blues...

Seriously, pagi2 je arif dah call with a mood killer. Apakah itu? Tak payah la kongsi, biar I simpan sendiri.

As a result I have been feeling quite down the whole day. Thanks a million.Even when he came by during lunch I just grit my teeth and zipped my mouth shut.

*You must wonder why the hell I am still going out with him when everything is over, kan?kan?kan? Its suppose to be the "habis-cara-baik" thing to do but then, seriously, its killing me*

All the hurt and pain came like the flashflood we had in KL last Tuesday. Damaging. Sangat tak soka.

Its so depressing that I can't turn back to the thing I love most at this times of conflict - S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G. I am trying my best not to seek retail theraphy to mend my (sickly heart-wrenching) wounds tapi macam nak tak berkesan je....

*I need to save for trips in April and May....nanti takde duit camne???*

So kesannya sehari suntukla aku dok layan OhBulan kat office.


Rasa macam loser je. But then wth....

Dah la esok kena balik kampung untuk Mak lang's engagemet.

*FYI : Mak Lang I setahun lagi muda.....jangan ingat semua mak lang itu kira lagi tua*

I just wish I can shrink and dissapear to thin air.

Kawanku Berjaya Rembat Levis size 28!!!

*you know who you are...heheheh!!!*
I am green with envy.....hahahahahaah!!!

2 hari jadi roadie....

Miss me already ke???

Penat ok....last 2 days berdiri tanpa henti....turun naik bangunan tag barang. Sangat tak kelakar to do all those things on the first day dengan baju kurung kaler biru....especially when the whole building is hot like an oven...

*Nasib baik a friend of mine pinjamkan t-shirt....tapi kaler lime green. Oh, for a minute I feel soooo ridiculous, tapi terpaksa jugak sebab dah panas tak hengat!!!*

Apa yang di tag???

Semua benda la - kerusi, meja, lampu.....

Ni kira sikit je ok.... belum kira kat sebelah hujung sinun....

Telepon pun kitorang tag....
Kenapa tetiba je dikerah jadi buruh kasar???
*Tapi sebenarnya agak seronok jugak sebab 2 hari tak payah masuk ofis....macam dapat lesen pergi bersuka-ria hahahahahh!*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mini updates...

Nak cepat ni...only have minutes to spare. Nak kena keluar on a roadtrip (yeah right, as if la kan) to help out some of my collegues on site till tomorrow.

*sigh...dah la hari ni aku gigih berbaju kuring....ala2 perempuan ayu, tetiba kena jadi roadie, sangat tak sesuai*

1. Aku sangat lapar, belum breakfast.

2. Semalam stuck in a 2 hour jam in and out of KL sebab nak hantar my cousin Bailey's CD. Sangat tak syok ok. Jam teruk!

3. Went to Delicious at Marc Residence sebab tak nak kept on stuck in jam. The place if G.O.R.G.E.O.US!!!! I can see myself hanging out there more often on weekends. Love the spacious cozy concept.

OK....buzzing out. Cya all on Friday!!!

*That fast meh???*

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sebab Liza segan....

Uols....Liza dah start jual barang kat blog baru dia.

*smile....saja je ni.....pesanan penaja*

P/s : babe, lepas ni aku nak charge ad space kat ko :P

Zu Lyn's wedding dinner....

Weekend had been uneventful apart from Zu Lyn's wedding dinner held at OUG...kalau tak aku makan - tido-makan-tido sajo......even then since I am not that very familiar with the OUG area, I got Wei Liew to pick me up chauffer me around....hahahaha...obliviously too much. Thank God he didn't say no, otherwise aku tak tau la macam mana nak pergi sana all on my own...

*that's me on my 3 inch Nine West heel....hotness kakiku nicely pedicured and all*

He picked me up sometime close to 7pm (in which we all semua dah lambat because its suppose to start at 7pm...wth???) but then I can't complain coz I hitched a ride.

*Kalau aku la yang drive mamat ni dah lama kena tinggal...*

*heheheheh...at the back seat of Wei Liew's car..since Bob occupied the front seat*

Harusla aku jadi mem besar/ tai tai malam tu kan????

*Wei Liew grinning away for the camera*

Macam senyum terpaksa je...heheheheheh....

Anyway, we did manage to arrive within 15 minutes or so (so takde la lewat sangat) and we registered and all, siap sign guest book dulu...

Then we snap pics with the bride.....before taking our seats.....

Coz kalau tunggu after the dinner then nak tangkap gambar, jangan mimpila....

*Cantekkan dia? I love the dress...so vintage yet nice! Its hand beaded ok....in real life the top is kinda shimmery/glowy*

*My two collegues who became the MC for the night....seriously, you can see the stress and tension written all over their faces - dengan muka macam terpaksa senyum for the camera...hehehehe*

The dinner started at 8pm. It was like any other dinner....we just keep to our table and they serve vegetarian food...

*Nikki and me posing with the choclairs giveaway...wondering what will be served for dinner coz the menu list didn't say much*

In case you guys are curious to know too (sebab vegetarian kan....makan sayur je ke?), these is what we had that night....

And since I have never had that many vegetarian sets before...I can't really say much.

*I love the dessert though...laici+strawberry+honey dew mixed concoction...yummey*

Apart from that we just camwhore all night....that's practically it. We didn't have drinks after, everyone seems to vanish like l;ightning bolt once the dinner was over at 10pm.

Anyway, we had a good time.

To Zu Lyn and Jeff,

I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully this is the start to many more good things for the both of you!!!