Thursday, March 19, 2009

2am and wide awake...

I can say that my mind is racing (as if im in a horse race) tonight and I just can't seem to rest my mind for quite a number of reasons...

...worried of a dear friend.

...excited over an unexpected call.

...horrified of a news (of work,while I was away on work) that leads to quite a lot more unanswered (and worrying) questions.


It's quite a lot to digest in one night.


To those who misses me,I am well (fed), alive and breathing.Slightly experiencing low self esteem issue but I think its normal(given the circumstances).

I miss u too.

Hopefully will be back next Monday.U guys have a good week kay?Kan esok Friday,hehehhe.


shasha said...

have a nice weekend babe~~!

Mrs LVoe said...

i miss u too dear. dont think too much k

Tina Najib said...


jom jumpa..


Zuraida said...


u have a good weekend too!!!!

Mrs LVoe,

Tina babe,
i call berkali2 u tak angkat la....camne nak jompa?