Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dalam banyak-banyak soalan....

Obviously soalan paling famous hari ni ialah....

"So, apa cerita ni???*

*And they were referring to MY wedding (which is supposed to be next week) in which was gloriously cancelled*

I was back at my granny's place today for my Mak Lang's engagement (in which is a year younger than me...mind you) and above all others.....people seem disinterest to ask about the soon to be newlyweds (who is scheduled to get married in June - which is going to happen in 3 months!) and decided that to gossip about me would be more fun!

The questions topped all other potential Q's that they can ask like....

1. Is the bride okey?
2. Has the bride been eating today?
3. Adakah mak andam mengandam macam horror?? (jangan salah anggap - the make-up tak horror...heheheh.Ia secantik andaman2 lain)
4. Why the hell do we need a 10 feet trail to the bridal gown when the house will be smack full with guest?
5.Have we even met the groom?
6. The shock on everyone's faces when they saw the groom's side and the hush hush.....lets not elaborate on the why...nanti aku kena label ehem ehem, tak soka!
7. Kenapa kita makan pulut kuning and sambal ikan bilis sajo?
8. Mana daging salai masak lemak cili api??? (Apa kaitan?)

And many more.....

But they insist on asking about me.


*maybe Mak Lang aku pun suka least dia tak kena panahan spotlight hari ni, I suppose she's already nervous as wreck already....kalau betul la isu yang kutunggu2 dibangkitkan, boleh pengsan agaknya dia kat situ...heheheh....*

Nasib baik diorang tak ungkit pasal jerawat...kalau tak mesti aku naik saiko.

*huge grin*

Anyway, I have long decided on one simple answer.

"Its complicated. I just can't take it. And maybe that its best that it doesn't happen now, rather than regret it later"

They seem dissatisfied. They did try to dig for more.

So what did I say u ask?

"Uish....dah tak jadi nak buat macam mana?*


And I grin sheepishly.

Pics will be uploaded next week! Hold on your horses ya peeps!

P/s : I had a good time hanging out with Liza, Peej and Noy last night. You girls rock!Sila email to me the piccas ya!


Gonna go to bed now. You a have a good weekend!


riqzmie said...

hi,can we exchnage our banner,if u done h ave banner,i still can post yur link,please let me know after it done.thnak

shasha said...

hmm..susah gak nak berdepan ngan sedara mara yg dok push2 tanya nak tahu citer sebenar...sabar sabar...

~LIZA~ said...

memang dah jadi routine la kan kita jumpa every friday :D most probably i pindah ke ukay perdana end of march. u sanggup ke babe nak naik bukit? hahahahaha! don't worry, i akan belajar la bawak keta..

Zuraida said...

cik rizqmie,
banner? what do u mean by banner?? if u wanna link me feel free to link my url...*smile*

naseb baik sedara ok.....kalau orang sebarangan dah lama dah aku laser cukup2...

liza dearie....
keranamu gunung mana pon sanggup ku daki, chewah!!!hahahahah!itu nanti kita pk bila u dah pindah ok.