Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mandi Kucing *meow....* apakah????

An ex collegue of mine joined a group of us for lunch and he mentioned that he's going to Jakarta soon for work and suddenly one of the guys shot a q...

"U tak nak try pergi mandi kucing ke?"

Duh....apakah itu?

Is it a spa term I never heard of? Because seriously takkan la ada spa service that I never came across.

I looked at the guys with a blank face (even some of the guys had a blank face too) and blankly asked....

"Mandi kucing tu apa???"

He smiled and flashed a vicious grin, and replied......hmmm, haruskah I explain????

Segan la!!!!!!

Kepada sape2 yang curious, I googled it (hahahahah!) and kalau nak tau apa dia, klik di sini (pardon me - dalam bahasa Indon paham2 je la)

*u need a clue ? ini dia --- body massage alias pijat dengan anggota tubuh*

hehehheeh...what in the name of god can we all NOT find over the world wide web??


Scroll bawah2 sikit, topik dia bawah title mandi kucing.

Just in case ada anyone of you who wants to try - they say you can either choose lotion, milk, honey or chocolate to be used during the session. *grin*

Okay, back to work.


shasha said...

dah baca dah link tuh...errrkk~~!!!...walaupun tak faham bahasa indonesia..tapi bole agak2 apa dia..ngeri!!!!

Zuraida said...

ada jugak orang baca link tu?


ingatkan semua tak berani

*wink wink*