Thursday, March 12, 2009

To woo me....

*gambar tak clear sebab ambik guna hp and tangan goyang....ttinggal camera kesayangan kat umah la pulak hari ni*

He spoils me....that is one thing Arif do best. I have to admit that. Even my mom agreed on that....that I am too spoilt by him, and he can never say no to me.


So as he is trying to win my heart again.....he yet again spoil me.

I was raving about JC's sale that will end this weekend over the phone before the end of work day yesterday, and by the time you know it...he's already waiting for me at my condo ready to take me out.

Hmmmmm....mula2 agak sangsi. Takkan la? But then I settled at his car seat, and he drove us staright to Pavillion. Walk straight to a chamber full of charms at Juicy Couture boutique and he said....

"Ok honey. U get to choose one today"

*he grin*

When he grinned its always a good sign. Means that he is happy with it.

So I picked one!


And so I sleep like a baby last night......

See how hard it is for me to resist???



Mrs LVoe said...

yahoooo someone have new bracelet ;-)

Zuraida said...


bracelet dah lama la. charm je baru. the bag charm is my third one. I have a diary charm and a class ring charm from before.

*huge grin*

Shmea said...

eh comelnya charm ni! i loike!
kak zue plan nk collect brape byk??

Zuraida said...


ntahla. macam comel je kan????

shasha said...

huhuhu...mesti sampai sekarang masih senyum lebar kan...kan???

Mrs LVoe said...

oppsss sori dear..