Monday, March 23, 2009

The Weekend where I had Great Food, Gossip with My Girls and Go Baby Stuff Hunting...

First of all....I want to extend my congratulations and share the happiness of two new bestie and blogger babes Tina and Rinie for the arrival of Baby E and Baby Putra respectively.

*oh, boo dah ada kawan! yeay! - p/s : Boo - anak Farah Foxy*

Nak tahu detik2 before Tina's delivery (in which I briefly took part of) boleh la singgah ke blog Peej. Tak guna ulang dua tiga kali....basically we mutually share the same story.

Secondly, I had a great time at the Melting Pot @ Concorde last Friday night where Arif took me there for dinner to have....

*My favourite steam cod fish and sushi*

I spent the whole night just digging the steam cod fish (that I haven't had for ages), sushi's and sashimi's.


I just stayed in on Saturday, where Komala later picked me up and we chatted for hours at Killineys @ Uptown.

Later, we went to BabyJaya coz I need to find something for the new mommies.....

*Kalau I, I mahu benda ni.....boleh keep track size tangan baby and frame then later gantung...konon2 ala artsy!*


We found a lot of interesting bits there, I pulak macam excited nak beli barang baby, but some are quite funny also...

*Bantal senang hati - siap ada beany beans. tengok ad dia - baby tu tido nyenyak gila...hahahaah! so poyo!*

* muka ala2 stunned atas car seat cover....baca atas tu...crash tested???Maybe sebab tu kot baby tu muka ala taken before crash test...hahahaah!*

*Muka baby ni pulak macam happy gila - sebab dapat SnugHug*

*Ni baby muka ala2 control sikit....sebab promote accessories...senyum ala2 malu...heheheh*

* Baby ni tido mati!!!!*

Komala and me tak habis2 dok belek barang2 ni satu2.

*I love the playpens...sooo cute!!!*

Hung out with blogger babes on Sunday for breakfast @ OldTaste Setiawangsa...most of us were there - Peej, Noy, Farah, Liza and sis and her friend Nabila. Ingat nak pergi visit Tina, but then Tina dah due nak discharged and we waited for ages for her to go to her parents tapi still stuck kat hospital.

*we contemplated nak visit Rinie jugak...tapi kereta I can't take the la, kereta aku pun kiut miut*

By the time she called me up at 5pm I dah nyenyak tido kat umah.


Takpe la beb, kita pergi next weekend kay? Tunggu the family visitor rush period settle down dulu. *and tunggu babybalik*

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