Thursday, March 12, 2009

When the office reminds you of high school....

Ermmm....can I call my school "high school"? Anyway, no matter what the term is (middle school, scondary school, junior college...etc) I suppose in general terms all of you would know which part of schooling years I am referring to.

Yeah, the one where there are cliques, where it sucks to be part of the "not so popular crowd"...the one with the drama and backstabbing and what not.

Uni years were great.I can sleep it off like a dream as we leave the hell (or heaven) school brings us. Then we step into the adulthood and start scrouging for our own bread and butter...zoom about a decade from the day we left school and it hit me....

If you analyse things to bits....nothing really changed!

In the office you will still have the three main essentials....

1. The teacher's pets
Only now it wont be teacher's pet no longer....its the bosses favourites. No matter what put them there, people envy the brownie points these people get when it comes to exam time (or promotion/appraisal), the coolest jobs/ assignments and the list goes on.

No point screaming preferential treatment. Sigh.

2. The cliques/gangs
At some point you can always divide the whole office into subgroups - the popular, the not so popular, the nerd, the teacher's pet (see above), the weirdo's and the list goes on. Can't really blame people to have cliques because people tend to seek a sense of belonging, and they tend to get attracted to other with the same point of view, interest, goals and whatnot.

3. The drama
Office romance, backstabbing, conflicts, cat-fights - u name it. If u think people can go crazy in school and be vicious, they can be equally bad in the office. Want proof? Justgo and watch Ugly Betty Season 3 and see how Kimmy Keegan trash Betty in both school and later in Mode. Cruel okeh!


I suppose they're all part of life.

But then we all drew strength from experiences aite?? I believe the best intentions in people (in which sometimes makes me a bit naive and easily taken advantage of) and everyone makes mistakes, so we all should give room for others (and ourselves) to breath once in a while, do our best and move on with life.

I just wish I can just ignore most of the things (that drives me nuts) and not give a damn.

Again...trying our best here.

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shasha said...

betul betul...bila dah kerja la baru nampak macam mana kehidupan yg sebenar...tak sama macam jadi student dulu...