Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to Yoga....adoi!

Staying true to my words, I did go back to gym yesterday. Kata semangat kan. Since I have been taking the time to run only the past couple of visit, I think its high time for me to start my Body Combat and Yoga classes again in between visits to get my muscles working at other places.

Dah lama ditch yoga (for SpaQ2...yeah, segan nak admit the fact), I have to say that it was not easy to go back to class.

Especially when your instructor is Harry.

Not that Harry is a bad instructor. On the contrary, he is a very good instructor. But then he leaves no room for slacking, and you have to constantly push yourself throughout his class (or at least try to push yourself, either way it means MOVE YOUR BUM big time!). I use to hate his class because of his sternness but then since I am in an ultimate crunch mode now to trim up, I don't really have a choice do I? The tougher the better. Hehehehhe!

And so I hit to his class after my warm up run and it was full!

Nasib baik awal.

We started with warm up (again) and a lot of cobra pose...

*favourite - pic courtesy of GoogleImage*

*Jangan mimpi la aku nak tangkap gambar aku in all these yoga poses. Belum tiba masanya. Rasa macam dugong beryoga tepi pantai....hahahahaha...dengan my oversized hips and all. For the time being kita jamu mata with orang yang lebih fit and healthy so that boleh jadi source of inspiration.

The class goes on for an hour. And I sweat like a sweat factory...mind you I hampir boleh perah t-shirt I after the class. So memalukan, but then wth, nobody cares about it in the first place. Namapun at the gym.

My legs started shaking when we get to warrior pose, as the focus is mainly at the abs and hips and obviously my abs and hips need mucho grande amount of work. But I manage to go past that, and move on strong....

*satu hari nanti mau jadi macam Amanda ni. Its so amazing okeh. Dah la posing atas gunung-ganang. Pic courtesy of*

Gagah kan? Siapa kata wanita tak boleh jadi gagah?

I was okay to almost the end (walaupun after 30 minutes or so my heart is screaming wildly to give up!) and I only "terkandas"at this pose...

*Crow pose - pic courtesy of*

Obviously its a bit impossible kan? So I stayed at frog pose for a while, hopefully as I practice more dilligently and gain more energy I get to push myself to lift my butt up to the sky.

Harry sangat keji. He pointed out the obvious...that most of us fail to get into the poses because of our oversized hips and spare lumps at the tigh and buttock areas.

The fact hurts like a piercing needle. Bullet through the chest.

Well, if we don't do something about it nothing would change kan? At least at the moment we can try and do our best.

*mental note : semalam jumpa a few ladies that started gym 6 months ago (huge) now looking petite and healthy...aku soka. Wth...that can be achieved in 6 months? Harusla gigih dan konsisten.

Okla, gtg.Ciao!


Shmea said...

ahhh lea pernah masuk class ni. harry is still teaching eh? omg mmg penat gile. especially if first timers la. dulu before kahwin mmg semangat nk pi semua class. combat lah body jam lah. lepas kahwin. berenti terus. heheh.

Zuraida said...

yes lea, he is still there. aku rasa semalam mood dia baik la. ke dapat hari dia bad mood, jangan mimpi la ko nak slacking ke apa.

nanti harus la kena marah kan....

~LIZA~ said...

babe.. ko kan diva. ambik la gambar with all the yoga poses, aku nak tgk :D

Sweettooth said...

i can do the crow pose after more than 6 mths i first learned about it i think hehehe...mmg susah! btw, i hv been your silent reader on and off for quite some time, found it thru tina's blog.

mylife said...

the instructor dengarnyer mcm singa, akan tetapi org yg degil dan pemalas cam kita, harus dpt instructor camnih... hahahahha

Zuraida said...


walaupun aku diva aku tau limitation aku setakat mana....takde la aku diva yang menyakitkan (hati) orang lain...

bukan macam sesetengah orang tu, tak kenal tak ribut tak taufan tau tau berlagak. Hahahahaaha.

Sweettooth dearie,

I pun kekadang ada pi lompat blog u!Waaaa....i sangat teruja. Tricep u mesti kuat gila.

Aku rasa kalau time mood dia tengah baik takde la teruk sangat kot...

shasha said...

yoga sgt mustahil utk saya...sbb pose2 dia sgt menakutkan..huhuhu

Zuraida said...

jangan takut sasha....

lama2 bila dah lebih flexible semuanya tak mustahil!!!!

Chewah, macam iklan Nike.

U can do it!!!!