Friday, April 24, 2009

Come on people...its Friday Night! And its that ONE NIGHT that will be raining men!

Its almost 4pm so I suppose my plans to party now is pretty solid, thus I can officially (and publicly) annouce where I will be partying tonight!!!

*Thanks to Era...I got tix to the bash!*

*the hunt for KL's Mr Most Eligible Bachelor 2009*

It will start on 7.30pm onwards @ Zouk KL and I am there to meet lots and lots of people!

It's like my debuntante ball (again!dah tua bangka still insist nak debut ball...saiko!). Only more hip and happening! (hopefully).

Not that I have never been to one. Went to one with Jo Sweetie and Ms Diva Izwain in 2007 should I put's great to be there if you have girlfriends to party with!

Anyway, if any of you will be there, lets hook up k! Peej, this goes for you too.....ajak la Noy!

I found something perfect for tonight at Cove, and when I tried it I instantly thought of.....

*Blair Waldorf....Gossip Girl closet*

The one B has is a Marc by Marc Jacob ensemble, what I have is a similar piece in a tube dress (to picture it, cut the crop up to a tube) and in dark red and black chekers - from Cove.

Good buy I might say!

And tonights....its hair's down night ok. No tying it up in a bun!

Stay tune for pics tomorrow!



Shmea said...

nice header! hehe. and happy partying!

Zuraida said...

oooo...glad u like them.

baby suke tak??

shasha said...

wahh~~best best...bole cuci mata dgn lelaki2 kacak...jeles~!!

shasha said...

chop!!..lupa nak komen header baru!!...terlampau cute..aku terpesona!!

*gelak2 sambil angkat2 kening

n i e z a said...

i sooooo wanna go to the bash! im green with envy! huhu..

Zuraida said...

yeah..itu sangat penting. teka sape aku jumpa?????

aku jumnpa Henry Golding!!!!mak nak pengsan dah time tu....

*ces sangat melampau, bukannya dapat apa pun sebenarnya, hahahahah!*

Nape tak pi je????Ramai gila orang okeh, last2 I balik awal jugak...

shasha said...

serius melampau jumpa Henry Golding...pagi tadi baru dgr suara dia pun aku dah cair...huhuhu...inikan lagi kau dapat jumpa...arrgghh~~!!