Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did anyone ever told you NOT to wear jewelleries at gym???

Okay, okay....I admit it....accessorising shouldn't be condone at the gym....but once in a while a girl loves to have her blings on during a workout....just to feel good.

*Pics are all courtesy of GoogleImage*

*Ms Britney Spears on her way to gym...i love the mini strand band look on a messy hair*

Yesterday I had a pair of gold clip-on earrings on during my 40 minute run and guess what... it went off my ears while I am towelling my sweat off and....*drum roll*....fell to absolute nowhere!

I can't find it in front of the machine.

Or at the back of the machine.

Or at any of the sides.

Even under.

I look like an absolute idiot lurking around the machine in search of God-knows-what!

Damn it! So not hot!

*Dalam hati pulak sangat panas la sebab hilang gold earring kan. wth. By then it's a tad to late to say "you should have taken them off" or "i told you so!"*

After 10 minutes of looking around and fail to find it, I just completed my run, did a couple of sit ups and try not to think so much of it. Its a tinsy weensy earring that feel to nowhere and if I can't see it anywhere (and nobody else saw it too....they just saw me frantically looking for something like an idiot) after such a period of time, I should just put the blame on myself and forget about it.

*But its my FAVOURITE earring. Nanges!*


Pengajaran : Next time do not wear jewelleries during work out...

*Even it makes you feel hot like Paris Hilton people cringed at the blings*


mylife said...

what is it with u and britney nowadays... ko asik google gambar dia jer eh? ke mmg ko fan dia?

sorry to hear about the earring tp, anggap je lah ko takde jodoh ngan earring tu...

Zuraida said...

aku takde fascination whatsoever with britney.

its just that tetiap kali aku google mesti keluar gambar dia. just a coincidence,hahahahaha...

mylife said...

hahahahaha.... jodoh ko ngan britney... hiks

Shmea said...

awww kesiannya kak zue. if i were u, mesti asyik terfikir pasal earring tu. takpe la. it'll be a good lesson for u. and me too. hehe.

Zuraida said...

oh fieza...

jodoh aku ngan britney???

kalau kaya macam dia takpe...heheheh


yeah.lain kali kalau workout jangan pakai jewelleries.sob sob.