Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fighting Acne

Lately my skin had become uber sensitive - I can blame it on stress (duh, apa lagi), the tremendous intake of oily substance (that comes with my food bingeing after the "you-know-what" incident) and lack of sleep.

*yeah yeah....I have a serious case of insomnia. Bila nak tido tak boleh, tapi bila tak boleh tido nak tido...wth???

And since I took a day off yesterday I took the spare time to visit my favourite doctor cum dermatologist cum gynae.

*He's my favourite doc ever!!!To come to think of it I have been visiting him for a decade, and he never ages!Cool!

The moment I stepped into his office Dr X macam dah agak2 dah what kinda complaint I will be buzzing, tapi muka dia ala2 tenang and cool je dengar.


He prescribed me with a pimple treatment cream (nama dia panjang gila tak hengat, nak sebut pun tak tau camne) , changed my facial wash (to a clinical oil-free facial wash....eeargh!!!!), issue me a new night cream and these...

*one month supply on antibiotics*

I was shocked when I see the bottle.

Macam mana nak abiskan ni???Seminggu punya antibiotics pun kekadang fail....inikan pulak sebulan???

On top of that he told me to lay off all the oily and itchy stuff....which includes eggs, shrimps etc...

Donia ini sangat kejam!!!!

*But then lepas tu elok je I pergi makan McD. hahahahahaha.Keji keji.


I can still keep my day moisturisers and sunblock. The doc says that the pimple cream and the facial wash will be very drying, so its good to keep the moisturisers handy. But he advised me to use them sparingly, on the need to wear basis.

Well let me tell you something...he is right!I tried his prescription on last night and by this morning semua dah kering and the redness in my face - g.o.n.e.

Sejuk sikit hati.

Anyways, I also had a haircut and grabbed new foundation and make-up to go along with my new prescriptions. Hajat dalam hati buang saja semua yang ada, so I said my goodbye's to...

All my foundations, creams, two way cakes and loose powders!!!!!

*ok la...i tipu. I simpan lagi My La Mer Foundation and Loose powder, sebab the Foundation still have a shelf life till the end of the year and the loose powder tak pernah bukak! heheheh!barang mahal, nak buang pun fikir 20 kali!

In replacement, I got these...

*Body Shop Nature's Minerals Loose Powder Foundation*

Actually, I wanted to get the Beyond Natural Make-up by Revlon, but then I tried it on and it doesn't feel right. The color was off (eventhough its suppose to be self adjusting) and there's barely any coverage (in which I need soooo bad at the moment) so I ended up testing other brand and guess what.....aku terjatuh chenta kat Body Shop!

The loose powder foundation is sooo light and the color blends immediately, leaving a smooth finish. Plus, it has a medium coverage even without concealer on, so that is a plus plus plus.

I had in on today and alhamdulillah, I don't feel any form of itchiness or whatsoever, so its a money well spent.

For added coverage I got this as well.......

*The Body Shop Oil-Free Foundation with SPF15*

Again...I need A LOT OF COVERAGE? Need I explain more? This foundation is light enough, and works well with the powder.


At least the color now matches my skin tone. I think my skin got somewhat fairer over the last couple of months that the foundation I had at home turns a bit too masky every now and then, which irritates me coz at times I felt like a tad drag queenish.

And as a bonus (coz I get 50% off on 3rd item when I buy 2 product), I got this as well...

*my own kabuki!!!!!*

This brush is just to die for. You only know the feeling when you own one. Enough said.

Sekarang hatiku sangat girang!!!

Now you guys must have wondered why my face is soooo glowing today kan???Seriously, my acne is not thudding anymore and it made my day to see that its not all reddish. hahahaah. So I suppose I'm more happy now.

Once it clears aku lagi happy. Sigh. Itula, dulu Dr X suruh laser je cela2 di muka tak nak, lagi percaya on the counter products, sekarang ni tak pergi balik kat dia???


OK fine! As long as u get my face fixed, you can laugh all you want.



mylife said...

ko telah membuat hati ku mengeletik... aku rasa cam nak gi tgk those 2 body shop item plak this evening... hahahhaha...


Shmea said...

that brush looks so soft! :)

Zuraida said...


body shop tengah sale!!!!sila la pergi beli kumpul point. kalau ko takde kad boleh masukkan point tu dalam kad aku tak??


lea shmea,

yes, the brush is very very soft.

rasa2 kalau dah tiba masanya nak tukar brush boleh la cuba.

~LIZA~ said...

kenapa la kena letak your shopping items kat sini?? *sigh* sekarang aku pulak dah rasa teruja..

Zuraida said...

dah terliur ke???

lin said...

hai kak zue,

doctor yg kak zue jumpe tu kat mane er klinik die??kat area damansara ke??

Zuraida said...

hi lin,
the doctor kat pandan indah la, nama klinik tu Klinik Arun...

lin said...

oooo kat pandan indah ek...ape name doc tu ye kak zue??kene buat appoinment ke?lg satu sume krim2 n antibiotics tu bape ek die charge??sori bnyk tanye...nk memerangi jerawats ni...skt jiwa je tngk...x stress bole jd stress...