Friday, April 3, 2009

Healthy snack

Lately I have been feeling hungry in between meals and too bad, ada la pulak insan-insan kat ofis ni yang I ended up having coffee (not the regular nescafe, paling kuang nescafe/teh tarik) , donut/cake/bun and what nots.

Ish ish.

I am soooo blessed.

Kawan-kawan pulak very very generous. Hahahahaah...

So that to not overdo it (which I know its a bit too late, but then control has to be exercised at some point, kan?), I pack up fruits for work today.

*Not the average an apple a's snack is a bunch of grapes, and the banana is for later before I hit the gym*

Yes people, aku dah kembali ke gym semula. In case you bump into me do say hi. Seriously, I can use a gym buddy or two. And I am very friendly.



Lagi sejam nak lunch. Hari ni nak makan apa ye?


Shmea said...

kalau snack camni, lea dpt habiskan dalam masa 5 saat. ehehe.

Zuraida said...


snack macam ni sedap kan. I soka grapes.