Friday, April 3, 2009

Its April already???

How time flies.....


I have been browsing my email accounts when I noticed that there are a lot of emails for Easter holidays and what not.

*Is it suppose to be easter yet? but ain't easter like sometime almost mid year or something??*

And then it hit me.

Gosh its already April. And three months have completely passed since New Year's Eve and here I am....

Still where I was 3 months ago.

That is soooo not funny.

Back in my audit days, by April usually its a time to take a breather after a long a gruelling 3 months of work. Its the time when we rejoice that finally things will slow down and soon, we can hit the sandy beaches for holidays in May or June. By April, we can see fruit of our hard labor and when we remisnisce over the past quarter......we can actually be "proud" of something.

But these days its just zilch.

Not that I am being ungrateful.Sigh. Maybe I am just not getting the satisfaction I use to get from work, and I miss them.

I need a BIG break.

And its already April....

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