Sunday, April 12, 2009

Julung-julung kalinya aku berblogging di hujung minggu....

In 3 minutes it'll be technically I am greeting everyone an early "Good Morning" coz as I have already shouted on and on last Friday, I will be on the road till end Tuesday.

It turns out that only Shasha would be missing me while I am away. Babe, I will miss you too....I will be missing the moments I would have spent clicking approve to comments for every single entry I've written, you are in fact an avid fan and I am truely blessed.

*Fiza ko dimana????Shame on you...hahahahaha...:P*

Apart from the normal get-togethers (yes, I do took some time off this weekend to meet long lost friends), I spend (more) time at the gym, breaking my all time record of gym visit in a week.

So my current milestone is....

No of gym visit this week : 5 visit (Mon, Tues, Weds, Friday and today...Sunday...yeah, agak lame and bunyi macam loser takde kerja but then wth!~)

Workout regime : Attended 2 yoga class this week and daily run of 40 to 60 minutes per visit. Yeah. Aku agak kagum kali ini, because I tak pernah stay on a struder for more than 20 minutes. Ni memang macam on total crunch mode.

Any visible results : perut dah hilang 1.5 inch to be exact!Woohooo!!!!Though there is still a lot more to go but its a start to long terms wellness, so that 1.5 inches is nothing coz I can gain that in a week. *sangat embarrasing...hopefully not*

I wish that I could keep this up!


So far I am feeling much better. I slept quite well this last couple of days, maybe out of tiredness but it does give me more energy. So I am feeling quite in shape at the moment.

*Smile - not so much like a whale like last week, though not as thin as I'd hope for either*

Kenapa la aku tetiba vain nih?

Anyway, this is to keep the milestone in check. Sebab tadi at the gym banyak gila hot chicks (ye syafiq betul, kat gym hari ahad memang banyak gila hot chick) and aku rasa tercabar.


I am packing my stuff for tomorrow's road trip. Apart from normal stationery, guess what...I am ALLOWED to bring my CAMERA!!!!!

*Wajib pulak tu...everyone must carry a camera...ain't that great??*

The best part of tomorrow's trip is that I can wear casual.Hehehehe. Aku soka. Then it would feel so much like Monday kan? Plus, its out of office (oh yeah, aku dah nak bersawang dah kat meja tu....sob sob) , so sangat la soka hati tak payah masuk ofis for two days.

*Hmmm...I have mentioned that a couple of times kan???*

Anyway, you guys have a great Monday okey. Keep on writing, if I still have energy left at the end of the day I might just pay a visit.

*wink wink*



mylife said...

see, betul kan ko nak kutuk aku! chait!

Shmea said...

bestnya tak yah masuk office!!!!!

shasha said...

owhh babe...sgt la jeles dgn kamu...sebab sekarang aku pulak yg bersawang di sini..anyway...will be attending 2 days course kat i is free food time again..*sigh....camno nak kuruih nih???

SJ said...

ah sungguh tegar gi gym setiap hari.

i salute you. congratulations!

haven't been stepping into the gym for agessss sudah. perut semakin berlipat. arrgghh..

Zuraida said...


jangan la amik hati....ko tau kan aku akan sentiasa sayang padamu...chewah!!!hahahaha!

i heard that its a girl!!!!sokanya...ayik boy je yang keluar, excited pulak bila ada girl.

aku dah balik aku dah balik!!!

yeah, sedang berusaha jadi atlet tegar.hahahahaha. so tiap hari aku saiko kan diri....ucap syukur yang badan semakin sihat dan harap tingkat usaha supaya tayar kat badan maintain rim 15 je, tak naik rim 17 ke or rim 20 ke.

nanti rim upgrade kang banyak pulak kena spend untuk maintenance.


u get what i mean kan??

SJ said...

hahaha.. yeah. nice rim ideology.

kihkihkihh.. i shall keep that in mind, jadi esok, mesti bawak sport shoes. gym here i come!

Zuraida said...


mana tau after a few months body hot macam RX8 ke, beamer ke...


berbaloi jugak kan?