Friday, April 17, 2009

Many thanks

I would link to thank Zarina and Liza for expressing their interest in my mom's work and considering her for their new homes! Don't worry, my mom will give you the best service you can a very good price.

*Dot, mak aku tak makan orang kan kan kan??? Ko masih hidup kan kan kan? Haahahaaha....senyum kay, senyum*

It will be exciting to see the final work (hopefully) soon. Kalau jadi I make you guys feature homes okay. Boleh kan?

Today's update at LushandPlush.Blogspot : Baby Beddings

Okay, back to me.

I have been receiving emails from you people on the upcoming trip, thanks for the well wishes and keep the emails coming. *smile* Will definitely go and scout for stuff that is hollered, hahahahaa, it would be fun for me to finally shop, shop and shop.


Since I'll be in town its most likely that all of you will keep on hearing from me. I will snatched my cousin's lappy and use it for leaisurely activities (and also hog his PS3, woohoo...first time experiencing the think I can't survive????? We'll see!) and if he's busy to chauffer me, I'll kidnap his girlgriend Jov.


Kejinya plan.

Get ready for explosion of pictures. Biarpun sorang aku pasti akan camwhore!


It's Friday!!!! AKU SOKA!!!!Don't you?

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