Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One of those heavy eyelid moments

I felt so crappy. My stomach is super full and its annoying me.

I'm sleepy.

Suddenly I'm tired.

*Sigh. Bila malam mata terbukak tak nak tutup pulak!

Ini semua sebab Wei Liew order Yong tau Foo banyak gila. Sigh.

We had lunch at Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo today (we - being me, Komala and Wei Liew) and it was my first time there. It's way better than Ampang Yong Tau Foo and I love the rojak buah okay...sedap hingga menjilat jari.

I snapped pics but then lupa bawak cable. Hahahaahah.So just imagine the "kelazatan" okay.

One thing for sure I came back satisfied and happy. But then my stomach felt as if it can burst any time and I am a walking (hmmm....more like a sitting) time bomb...bila2 boleh meletup.


On normal days this would be bliss. But today the feeling is actually quite dreadfull since I (still) haven't completed my presentation slides yet. Sigh. And I have to come up and give the presentation on Thursday. Chantek. Dah la its been a while since I did any form of public speaking and my mouth dah berat ala-ala ada emas 916 berkilo-kilo.

Can I pay someone to do this for me???

*Easy way out - before bailing out yourself.

Berbalik kepada Yong tau Foo tadi - I recommend you guys to go and try them. The brinjal sangat "stim"...i soka big time.

It would be heavenly if I can go home and catch up with my zzz's, tapi tak boleh!

Hari ni ada Power Balance at 7.10pm. After work must straight away hit the gym.

*No more slacking. Sigh.....


Nana said...

oooo yong tau fooo ooooooooo sedapnye. I wish I could eat that bila I balik nanti oooo tak sabar!!!

Zuraida said...


sila la balik cepat!Nanti u balik we can all meet up!

i think if I'm in UK pun I will miss the food we have here at home.


Nana said...

haha betul betul. I think food is really one thing you would definitely miss. The food here SUCKS!!!! Sooo tawar!!! isk! torture! I think that's why I manage to loose 3 kg here heheh!

Zuraida said...


u are right! but then sape tak so hyped-up on carbs boleh survive la kot, or jenis yang tak kisah abt food sangat...

mylife said...

bloated during lunch hr at office can be so mencabar.... mata berat je nak titun... hahahahha

presentation? butterflies in the stomach la jawabnye kalau aku yg kena... hahahahaha... GOOD LUCK!

p/s weyh, ko dress up lah ala2 gambar profile ko yg "innocent" harituh... i bet they wont focus on ur presentation... hahahahha

Zuraida said...


kalau aku ikut recommendation ko aku rasa bos aku pecat aku kot.

p/s : bos aku semua family women!

mylife said...

sorry... did not do my homework... hahahhahaha