Thursday, April 16, 2009

Steam Bath

I am deeply humbled over the fact that even thin and fit women spend more than just 10 minutes at the gym.


I was at my 7.10pm yoga class on Tuesday when I spotted a very pretty lady in the class. She had fair skin, semi curly hair, body fit like a model and a very beautiful caucasian face. At first thought I envied the her pretty genes and concluded that her genes made her beautiful as she already were, and that she is so lucky to have a body that is so called "low maintenance".


As I have a rule that "I must still run at least a 300 calorie run eventhough I went to class" oath to keep up to, I head straight to the threadmill after the one hour long yoga class, just to find that she head straight to weights.

Hmmm.....that explains the fit physique I suppose.

After a 30 minute run (and not feeling tired but all pumped up), I went on for another 15 minutes and saw her on a bike.

She was still on the bike 30 minutes later when I finished my cool down exercise.

*Damn it, if such a person had to go to such great lengths to have a killer body to go along with her pretty face, who am I to keep on slacking gym???

I eventually bumped into her in the steam room.....

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Fact : They say an occasional 20 minute steam session is good once a week after a work out. It helps stimulate blood circulation.

Me : I was at the steam room to make my 3 minutes miracle hair mask soak in. *Shame on me*.

Her/ Pretty Girl : I can't help but notice the smooth svelte and clear skin...with no cellulite and all.

Post effect : Deeply humbled. Aku banyak cellulite! Sob sob.

Don't event let me start about the even more lesser fortunate. Its so scary when compared next to her that it burns in the need to get back in shape!

Hari ni ke gym lagi dowh.


shasha said...

errrkk...takpe takpe...u imagine after 6 months you'll be like her babe...di atas kerajinan kamu sekarang ni...mesti bole punya lah!

Zuraida said...


gila gigih nak pergi gym tiap2 hari for 6 months....

mampu kah?

Shmea said...

kak zue! i ALWAYS have that feelings too. envy org lain yg kurus2 kat gym tu. but it's good though. boleh jadi pembakar semangat. :)

Zuraida said...

pembakar semangat? nanti kalau minyak pembakar dah abis sebab penat tapi still tak jadi macam dia....macam mana???

sob sob

*aku dah nak panik*

aishahlita said...

hello dear..talking about steaming room and all--you should try our new activity--me and your siblings---our new activity is visiting the hot spring--the Air Panas Gadek---apparently it has been upgraded to a tourist destination and its open 24 hours--and mind you--ppl are still pouring even at the middle of the night---my first was quite a shock but my second and third time was like was like recharging your whole system and being in the hot bath all the while...
the process of heating up and cooling down was nice--it has done wonders...maybe next time you come home we can go take a dip there---its so convenient --its near and its my new wonder spa and it only cost me $4 per entry,,,hehehehe...keeping fit is something that everyone must do work on--a beautiful body doesnt really fall from heaven..kan?--but my main priority right now is actually just keeping fit and the hot bath has made wonders in the operated area in my neck and shoulder...ok --gtg..take care and keep up the gym work---mommy

SJ said...

you can do it!

nanti orang lain pulak tgk u dan jeles. kihkihh.. semoga berjaya!

Zuraida said...


or orang lain tgk i and scream "masya-allah"...