Monday, April 6, 2009


Have you ever felt like the weekend is more tiring (and eventfull, hahahaha) than weekdays and that before you hit the covers on Sunday night you just wish that its Friday again so you don't have to work the next day??



Last weekend was no exception.

I did tonnes.

I watched DVD's. I went to the movies (and saw The Fast and Furious 4 - superb!). I plan to shout at my DVD supplier for the very very bad copy of X-Men Origin's : Wolverine he sold me on Friday. Then I didn't do that but saw (yet another bad movie) entitled Vinyan.

*ada ke tengah syok2 tengok fight scene sekali nampak tali! wtf....ok peeps, next time buy/see original OK!*

I was duped twice this weekend (first by the bad DVD, second by the stupid narration at the back of the Vinyan DVD) that I felt like burning down the DVD stall.

*still berapi hati ni...*


I manage to restrain myself. Nanti kena charge with arson...tak pasal-pasal masuk jail. Hahahaah. Can you imagine me in a 4 by 4 cellar, all locked up? I'll look like the ugly witch yang 24 hours kena bad hair day kat Harry Potter tu.

Eventhough my hair is naturally straight, and soft, and nice....


Went to Giant Kota Damansara on Saturday and got Tina's baby, Elyas, his very own playpen. I got a slightly different one from the one I saw earlier, since Giant was out of stock but then the alternative is also quite ok, and its quite a buy. Liza, Farah and Zie chipped in and shared for the gift (thanks babes!) and Farah and I sent it the next day to Tina's at her mums after breakfast.

*aku juga sempat pergi ke Pappa Rich di Kota Damansara - yang Tina gembar-gemburkan itu*

Note : Elyas sangat cute! Macam Eva (my niece via Michelle) , Aisya, Boo and Dani pun cute jugak. Kesimpulannya babies are cute!

*gambar2 semua with nanti dia dah email I upload!*

Farah - I ate nasi lemak at Oldtaste sebab tengok nasi lemak yand you order!!!! Sedap!!!!

What else can I say?

Breakfast was great. I love catching up with my blogger babes...we seem to be able to share a lot eventhough yesterday it was just me and Farah.

I missed sessi berjimba on Friday night dengan mereka2 yang telah mengsms saya. Beb, lain kali confirm la awal sket, boleh aku blockkan time *wink wink* Ku rasa mesti seronok berjimba denganmu....

*ish...bahasa apa ni?hybrid melayu-indon?*

Its good to see Tina up and about. I miss u loads. Takpe takpe....a few more weeks then we can start having breakfast together again kay!

After visiting Tina and Elyas, Farah and I went to Liza's new apartment to surprise her! We only told her we were coming when we were on the way, and though hajat di hati nak bawak buah tangan/goreng pisang, it was raining cats and dogs when we were driving there that we didn't get to stop...

Plus I was busy trying to figure out where the house is....

But then kitorang selamat sampai at the end. And get to spend about half an hour there at her place kacau-kacau Liza kemas umah.


Babe....tak sabar aku nak lepak umah ko! Woohooo!!!!!Cepat-cepat kemas okeh!

Sambil-sambil tu we snap a couple of pics (macam agak harus la kan) then later said our goodbye's since it was running late and I still need to send Farah back.


Highlight of my week.

I'm still tired though. Coz after all that, I still went out for drinks with my bestie , Jo /sweetie, yang I sudah lama tak jumpa! And since she called better go spend time with her. hahahaah. I won't know when she'll call next!


What a weekend.

Now....back to work.

Though I am still tired...


Tina Najib said...


your visit definitely made my day! hehe.. and pls send my love to liza and zie.. my bad.. i tatau they all chipped in, hehehe.. love them loads!

tak sabar nak tunggu abis confinement.. i miss our breakfast session!


shasha said...

terkena angin yg sama...malas keje..malas keje....hehehe

Zuraida said...


kan dah bagitau haritu masa i tunjuk kat u my entry tu, mesti u lopa!!!

heheheh.dah cakap dah.

malas jugak???sigh...kan monday, standard la..heheheh.

Shmea said...

yeah i think my weekend was tiring too. sbb lama sgt dok dalam keta.