Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why the hell do my sister keep on crashing my diet???

An sms buzzed at my cell just now....

Ani 019 : Kak Zu, ani kat McD...kak zu nak pesan pape tak?

Me : Tak. Diet.

Ani 019 : Ok.hehehehe.

Me : On second thought, i can nibble your fries.

Ani 019 : My fries dah kena makan...ade apple pie je. Want me to buy u fries?

Me : Get me a small one.

Damn you!

You've been ruining my restraint every single day.

Thank goodness that blood runs thicker than water.


*P/s : Finally, Desperate Housewives 5 on air is the episode that I haven't watched yet. Nightey!


Shmea said...

ahaha this is funny. happens to all of us. :)

shasha said...

huhuhuh...dah lama tak mkn Mc D...kamu buat aku teringat la babe!

Zuraida said...

yeah....tapi masalahnya i pulak bersoka ria makan bila dia balik...hheheheheh

Mrs LVoe said...

ahaha so funny. my sis slalu buat camtu. hampeh