Friday, April 10, 2009

Would you guys miss me if I jadi roadie lagi????

I am (yet) again, called to be on the road with a bunch of collegues and might not be in for the first two days of next week.

Will you guys miss me?

What a question.

One thing for sure is that there is no way that I can carry my camera to work in that two days should I put it.....physically challenging, and we are required to be constantly on our toes (yeah, baby....alert!).

I might end up very very exhausted after Tuesday.

*Kalau tetiba senyap je sampai Thursday tu paham-paham je lah....ehem, ehem...

Anyways, was bloghopping from Lilia's blog just now and got wind of my ex-senior in MRSM Terendak who is in kebaya selling business. And to tell you the truth, the price is quite affordable. So if in any case you are in the mood to expand your kebaya wardrobe, do check her blog out and click here.

*Sampai hari ni aku pun tempted nak angkut sepasang dua, so I emailed her. Huhu!

Uish, lari topik pulak.


Anyways, its Friday and I have lined up my "to-do" list today and it'll be another hectic weekend! As usual I am ecstatic to meet my blogger babes at Tina's place tomorrow and since I will be on the road on Monday and Tuesday, I suppose I will have to spend extra crunch time at the gym from today till Sunday.

*kalau tak pergi gym pun macam best pulak agaknya if I did get to go swimming, kan? Itupun kalau tak hujan la.

By the way, will be missing my lappy, my desk and all of you while I am away.


*x for a hug, o for kissses - KLS!


shasha said...

mesti laa miss you babe...hehe

Zuraida said...

sob sob...

dalam banyak2 orang ko sorang je miss aku...

sob sob...

mylife said...

tak jadik nak miss ko sbb aku dpt aura ko nak kutuk aku di future enrty!... hahahahhahaha

bye bye roadie! ya ribba...

*ttiba terimagine ko ngan topi koboi dlm keta kat ala ala jln mexico*... hahahahaha