Monday, May 25, 2009

Anchors that kept me sane.....

I felt as if my life is spiraling down the drain lately......and I am indeed in dire need of....

*the sanity pill - pic courtesy of GoogleImage*

But then I am blessed still for I am never (again quote...NEVER) alone in what I do and there are people who cares that kept me sane.....

*though deep inside hati ni terjerit-jerit macam anak pontianak but still, around them, I became a normal human being....sigh...*

Here's a huge hug to my sanity pill....

*my mom - who loves me unconditionally and shared my pain from a distance.....through my long distance tantrums and misbehaviours yet still, put up with my irrational behaviour*

*my sister who provided me with an unlimited supply of teh ais every night and screwing my diet 360 degrees ever since she joined me at my loft*

*My blogger babes - though gambar ni incomplete (but still semua orang tahu sape kan...sebab every week feature kat blog2 kami - peeja, noy, liza, farah and tina ....tak lupa pada rinie, shena and lea yang masih berhubung melalui email) that through thick and thin shared my craziness and mood least ada teman merempan di kala sepi....(yeah, like every other day including weekends...hahahahahah!)*

*my sisters from different mothers - komala and wenchu - and brothers from different mom's (which pics are not featured here) that makes working life not so hard (or boring) as it actually is*

*my chill babes - for rocking my world since way back then.....till now*

I don't know what would have happened to me without you guys.

We laugh, we had fun, we bitch, we bicker, we cry.....together. Friends for life.

Love u lots.


Tina Najib said...


so sweet!

and thanks to you kak zue, for being by my side when i need u the most!


~LIZA~ said...

kau merempan la mcm mana pon babe.. i still LOVE u!!


Zuraida said...

oh tina,

ko kan adik aku.hahahahaha....mesti la aku jaga...hohoho.


kalau aku naik gile camno????would u still love me??

*tetiba je emo...*

~LIZA~ said...