Friday, May 29, 2009

Brief stint at Andana Spa....

I was suppose to be all closeted up at the spa the whole day but I somehow made a mistake by going online and talking to Bailey. It was 3pm and I just had lunch and the best massage in weeks when he finally buzzed me....

B : is it in yet?
Z : i dunno.
B :u'r online, go check na. the earlier you finish the better.


It's in. Freaking mother load! At that very instant, I dread ever checking my emails and my that it's in I just have to go to work.


*when I was just thinking about lazing around all day......mesti ada je benda yang have to ruin it*

So with that ranaplah segala angan-angan ku untuk jadi lady of leisure the whole day....

*owh ini muka gembira bila tiba di spa at noon*

*my excess baggage...siap bawak buku costing okay sebab ingat nak tulis paper*

*oh....rumah idaman....*

*close up sikit*

As soon as I check in I hit the jacuzzi and steam room for about an hour, before showering and getting my aromatheraphy massage.

Damn the masseur is good today. Especially when she cracked my neck and back.

*oh the contented look on my place*

That contented look stayed for about an hour before all hell breaks lose and I have to run about town doing stuff again. much for a holiday.

Things will be hectic till Sunday...will find time to keep in touch kay!



shasha said...

takpe takpe...aku akan tunggu kamu babe...heheheh

Missy Farah said...

glowing nya!!! u look so good.habis semua stress dibuang ye?saya juga mau.mahalkah disini?

Shmea said...

bestnya dpt pi spa. can't wait for my turn after delivery. :)