Friday, May 8, 2009

Going Greek!

My latest TV series craze.....

I got the DVD's for both season 1 and season 2 in Ho Chi Minh and guess what.....I am so loving it. Been watching bits and pieces (ok, thats an understatement....its more like hours and hours) of both episodes and I am not having enough of the Zeta Beta Zeta's, Omega Chi's and Kappa Tau's!

And the drama.....what can I say....won't any of you just love sorority drama???

The story revolves around Rusty, an engineering geek, who enters the Greek system to have a taste of college life. At college, he deals with adult issues (love, life...that sort of thing), work on improving relationship with his sister who's the ZBZ president, found a gay bestie, lived with another dorky roommate who's extremely wacky and juggles moronic class schedule....

Not to mentionmed pledged to the craziest fraternity in Greek row...the Kappa Tau's!

*I love Cappie...he's so cute...he's the bad boy with the cutest smile in my dreams....*

I can't wait to Season 3.....more tv series collection to add to my list on top of Lost, Prison Break, Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty, Desperate Houswives, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds.......and the list goes on.

I bet the TV stations love the rate I am going at the moment.


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