Thursday, May 14, 2009

My first facial at Clarins Institute, OneUtama

What better way to destress than a comforting facial?

My last facial was 2 about 2 months or so ago. That time I was combating acne (yeah, super duper breakout!). Now that my acne is cleared, I am so eager to try out new facials, especially now that I am a member at the Clarins Institute in OneUtama.

Not that my La Mer products are bad on me. On contrary, I am still using La Mer moisturisers twice a day. Now with antibiotics control and proper cleansing (I changed to Clarins facial wash) and less stress, my acne is almost gone.

I don't even have to go through steps and steps of beautification routine these days. I followed my doctor's advice - cleanse with proper cleanser, and moisturisers as and when required (which to me is twice a day). Apply sunscreen and eye cream daily, and my deriva pimple gel at night.

Simple kan?

*And I dah donate all my serums to my mom!hahahahahah!soka nya dia!well, she definitely need it more post cancer surgery. Sekarang kulit dia pun dah cerah semacam je*

Back to the facial.....

The thing that attract me most to try Clarin's facials out is because of the fact that they don't do extraction. No pain there!Hahahahah! Thus, expecting a totally relaxing experience through and through.

My visit started with a mini consultation with my therapist, in which after looking at my skin condition and such, she recommended me to do the Trully Matte from Mogok facial that will last about 90 minutes.

*me - before my facial*

Pre-facial - do you guys notice all the small bits and pieces on my forehead? And the cheeks that are slightly dull with enlarged pores?


Alas, I was totally psyched when I saw the room.

*the therapy bed*

The room is uber relaxing...and guess what, the therapy bed comes with a heat blanket, so as you enjoy your facial, your body is warmed up. Gila best. Macam bilik sejuk, tapi badan suam-suam. Macam tengah kat spa buat body soak.....

*and look at the wardrobe....siap ada saline and lens casing????*

The facial started with a 5-minutes relaxation massage and foot cleanse, and the same routine of cleanse, tone,mask and moisturised is applied.Soft kneeding techniques are used to apply countless specifically mixed serums tailor-made to suit the skin concerns.....and on top of that, yang paling best sekali, they also massage the neck, shoulder and hand area from beginning to the end of the facial.

Aku soka!!!!!Sangat relaxing!!!!!!

At the end of it all, I was introduced to this.....

*Clarins High Definition Body Lift Lotion*

It a new product, so for introductory they actually applied them on my legs...leaving a light-toned leg feeling post-facial.

Let's check out me - before and after the facial.....

Verdict : I like so much. The feeling is over the top. I give them 9 out of 10, definitely one of the best facial I ever had in my life! For the price I am paying, it is definitely worth it.

A must try.


puterikurekure said...

memang ada beza ok. jeles lagik.

Anonymous said...

how much babe?

for non member...

Zuraida said...

intan kure-kure...


cik kiah....

its abt RM198 per facial.Aku haritu utilise welcome pack vouchers, so dapat murah sikit.

shasha said...

ohohh....nampak beza..nampak nampak..heheheh..

*sambil gosok2 mata...tenung skrin lama2...apakah??

hhaahhaa...gurau je babe..!

Marsha said...


you pakai ubat apa for acne? Is the clarins good for acne prone skin? My skin tetiba je jadi teruk..memanjang acne.. Dah try everything but still macam tu gak. Any recommendations?

Zuraida said...

Dear Marsha,

I recommend you jumpa doktor. Hahahahah! A dermatologist to be exact.


Sebab masa acne I inflammed haritu I tried changing products and a lot of different type of facials. Paling sakit hati is bila kena buat extraction. Sakit okeh.

Then I pergi jumpa a doctor (long time doctor...I kenal dia for almost a decade) with all barang2 kosmetik I, and he said sebenarnya problem I senang je - its not the products , its my hormon change, sensitivity and stress.

So first - get to know what you are dealing with. Then baru decide on what to do.

I have an entry on this. Link as follows

Sekarang ni beauty regime I simple...

Cleanse : Clarins gel to milk cleanser (if I have make-up on) and normal oil-free cleanser (doctor issued - on days I tak pakai makeup)

After cleanse I moisturise.

Moisturiser : Creme De La Mer (oh work wonders) for day, and Clarins Beauty Repair serum for night - actually doktor I kata any moisturiser will do.

No toner on doc's advice, sebab dia kata some toners have drying properties it dehydrates the skin.

At night, I applied pimple gel named Deriva - should be available at pharmacies or clinics - which basically cost RM25 per tube. Ni punwonder gel ok. Cepat je pimple kering. Tapi pakai malam je.

-sunblock - penting!sebab kulit I macam alah matahari.
-eye cream ; normal - ikut suka brand apa

and yang paling penting sekali....



So far I dah pergi second visit, sebab masa first visit doc I bagi supply satu bulan. Dia kata if things are ok maybe I can stop in my 3rd or 4th month.

Kalau nak try Clarins they have a line specifically for oily/combination skin - which is the Trully Matte line.

Zuraida said...

oh shasha,

ko gosok2 mata pulak ye....