Thursday, May 28, 2009

Night In With SATC

I took a raincheck on my sister's invite for a movie nite and spent the night at home instead with my all time favourite gal pals...

*Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha & Miranda*

At times like these when a lot of relationship q's frequently revisited me, I find solace in Carrie's words of wisdoms and her answers to the questions that I myself, sometimes wonder.

It's like watching (instead of reading) a relationship bible.I went back to the first episode of the first season.....and thanks God for making me buy the complete 7 season box set in Ho Chi might occupy my time for quite some time....maybe long enough for me to find solace and straighten out my own issues.

Not to say that everything these girls do can be made example of...but then there is no harm from learning from their experience and (mis)adventures ...... and at the same time benefit from it.

What inspire me most is the strength of their relationship, and how they constantly evolve through thick and thin, and somehow manage to pull through life obtsacles. Of course, nothing is perfect....but they made the best out of it.


Going back to them now. Don't wait up!