Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oooohh...since my last post a lot of things happened.... the crazy night out at Blanc Le Club @ Heritage row......OMG, if only I could kiss and tell about the night I would but then I'll be sliced to too bad, it will forever be my own lil secret.

*wink wink....muahahahahahahh! - gelak sendiri.Lariks!!!!*

.....made new friends! Met a couple who came all the way from Zimbabwe for the wedding on Saturday night and we're all bunked up at the same table.....and they are very very nice people!!!!

.....weddings, wedding and more weddings. Though I look practically like a zombie today with no make-up and really bad hair, but then I look absolutely stunning yesterday with my hair all nicely done-up in a chic up-do I had done at Peek-A-Boo.

*yeah. Of late only my long-time hairstylist turn hair-bestie, Mi, seems to know what hairstyle suits me the most down to the very last blowdry and hair-spray. So when I am in a bad mood or in expereiencing extreme crankiness, I better do justice by paying a lil bit more so that I'll be happy with my hair*


.....aku tensi sebab Peeja and Liza look stunning today, as compared to me yang kusut masai tahap dewa. Nasib baik Peeja tak pakai her fake lashes, otherwise I'm doomed.

Sekarang....rasa penat nak mati.

Kenapa la esok ken kerja?


puterikurekure said...

aku tgh cuti!

(saje nak wat nyemak kat komen box ko ni ha....)

shasha said...

heheheh..monday blues ke babe??

Zuraida said...

bestnyer coti!!!!!aku jeles!!!!

mana la aku tak pernah monday blues....tiap2 minggu bermonday blues....

*tak payah tunggu monday, sunday pun dah rasa monday blues*