Thursday, May 14, 2009

Selamat pagi dunia!!!!Mari kita cuci mata dengan fesyen terkini!!!!

As always, the first order of the day is to check emails. Banyak gila junk. So kena la clear sikit-sikit.

Anyhow, I would just love to share some eye-candy to kickstart the day......

*pics courtesy of - so what if I subscribed for daily feed?*

*nicole richie*

*angie harmon*

I sangat suka their dresses! Oh my, it shows off such killer, angie harmon's dress also give emphasis to toned arms.


If only I have a killer body....habis la semua ni aku copycat.


Ok, have a good head start at work!

*p/s : masih terbayang-bayang gambar anime semalam?


shasha said...

haaa...kena rajin2 gi gym la pasni....kan kan??

*sambil angkat2 kening

Zuraida said...

oh harus harus