Sunday, May 17, 2009

What do people blog on a weekend anyway????

I am super clueless. Hahahahaha.....what do people blog on a weekend? Or maybe that's not the question.....maybe its more like WHY do people blog on a weekend???

Takkan weekend sangap kot?

I just got back home. I am super tired. Hari ni satu hari lepak ngan Liza, in which later is joined by Peeja, Noy and Edan. No complaints though.....these guys really made my day.

*hahahahah...yeah, Edan jugak...walaupun kerja dia the whole time is just main PSP dia and from time to time gelak takde makne just to join in with whatever we were discussing*


Apart from the parties and meeting my blogger babes, one of the highlight of my weekend is definitely getting to chill-out with Sha LVoe and her sister, Diera. We had coffee at Starbucks OU yesterday (so that I could pass to her the fridge magnets she ask me to get from Vietnam) and chatted non-chalantly as if we've known each other for ages.

I was definitely surprised that we clicked straight away.

Jeez, I feel great. I am meeting new people through blogging and to find people who also have the same interest like you which you can relate and share many things.....makes me feel good.


*ok, am I starting to ramble now???*


Tomorrow is Monday.

I hate Monday.

Thus , I hate tomorrow.

Can we just skip to Tuesday instead?

*banyak lak punya cekadak!*

And since tomorrow is Monday, I have to go back to my 600 calorie run....especially bila "pakcik" kat OldTaste tadi sibok cakap aku gemok sebab makan snack plate KFC dua ketul.

For goodness sake....I didn't have breakfast and lunch and its almost after 5pm already okeh....aku lapar tahap gaban, makan KFC dua ketul pun ko kecoh panggil aku gemok?

*pastu gatal nak cuba meraba*

Boleh blah la pakcik!!!! Dah la misai tebal macam Dato'K! not my taste.....pergi la jauh-jauh!!!!!!!

Nasib baik Peeja panas-panas and Noy suam-suam kuku datang to the rescue. Sigh. Lambat sikit ntah-ntah korang semua kena hantar aku pergi hospital okey.......sigh........

*nape kena hantar pergi hospital pulak? Tak masuk akal? Mereka dan keluarga mereka saja tau*


Uiks...dah 10.30pm???? Okla, aku penat. Esok kerja. Me going to bed dy. Night-night!!!!!

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shasha said...

hehehehe...guess where i am??..jgn jeles dgn aku yg masih bergolek2 di atas katil babe!!..ahaks..anyway..happy monday~