Saturday, May 23, 2009

When fashion don't have to be so complicated.....

Its summer everywhere (except most probably Alaska and Australia) and everyone is dressing down and enjoying the heat....and for once, we can all sit back and relax and all dress down and still be....fashionable.

*Beyonce looking all laid courtesy of InStlye*

She shows everyone that it doesn't have to be all blings everyday....a simple top and shorts (and of course...killer heels) can definitely make a day.


I can work with this. There's lots of simple things in my wardrobe. And maybe its time to take out my jeans and work with it.

*Lately banyak pakai shorts and skirts....macam bosan pulak*

And another thing.....oversized sunnies is an important piece of invest in a good one!

Have a good Sunday.xoxo!

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