Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where I Long to Be Now...

...definitely not here.

...definitely not at work.

...definitely with a hot guy with six pack abs in blue water and white sandy beaches ----okeh, ni permintaaan yang agak melampau, sila abaikan.

I am in an uber-depressed mode at the moment. I would like to thank my singing buddies - Raf & bfnya - Rizlan, Era and Shaz for cheering me up during our karoke session last Tuesday. It was fun, and though you guys never asked (or question) about a visibly dark under-eye circle and muka yang semban tahap dewa langit ke-tujuh, I know that you guys know that I am going through a phase and don't feel like talking about it.

And for that, I am deeply appreciative.

*I am still awed by Raf and Rizlan's version of Superhuman......owh, manisnya berchenta....sob sob*

I am still in grief *oh now I definitely realise that I am in grief* and it will take a while *and lots and lots of crazy flings* to get over this. So dear friends, if you are reading this, I am UP TO ANYTHING CRAZY you guys have in mind because I really felt that I missed (at least) 2 years of my life on something really really stupid (and maybe not worth it ever!).

And that stupid thing is making my eyes (and nose water) at my waking moments.

*what? what's the stupid thing you say? it's so stupid even I feel stupid thinking about it so please, let us not all feel stupid by sharing the stupid thing here.Get it?sigh...susah gila nak explain, macamn tulis tounge twister*

I can't be crying my ass off, so please, help me occupy my mind.

*When I say I am UP TO ANYTHING CRAZY - I am REALLY REALLY SERIOUS....I am not toying with potentials okay. I don' toy*


But if this really go on....expect a hotter sexier me in 3 months. Aku makan hati berulam jantung since Monday that no food taste better.


Hati berulam jantung is always a good meal for the broken hearted.



~LIZA~ said...

errr.. jom lepak ali maju?

*big hug*

Tina Najib said...


can i join u girls?


shasha said...

hmm....thinking something crazy own version kot...heheheh

Zuraida said...

join pergi mana tina....ali maju ke???


peej said...

same thing here..
dulu i ada dark circle aje..sekarang siap eye bag ok..ngan x boleh tido..ngan makan hati semua cukup..

nanti kita jumpa sunday kita gossip habis2an..
nak bercrazy sekarang tgh bulan la pulak kn..