Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why must people be intimidated by being big???

Sometimes I felt slightly taken aback by people who judge others by the size of the dress they wear. Because seriously, what's wrong with being curvy and voluptuous?

Tension okay, when people look at you as if you are not good enough because you weigh 10 pounds more than you're suppose to. Even worse when this so call "God"iva keluar statement macam " ish, I have to watch what I eat la" and "I can;t eat's fattening" when they are thin as a stick and weigh less around 40kg.

Because seriously......dah la underweight, who are you to think bad about the curvy people? Some of them are not even obese kalau check they're BMI and vital stat's pun.

Maybe its an Asian thing....that Asian's are generally small and petite that being slightly full annd heavy is quite a big buzz. But too bukan zaman dulu-dulu where people are deprived with the lux of life that you end up being small and thin, in fact, with the added nutrition we get and all those health jab, we all (Asians, tak kira la whatever race) grew up to be healthier (and bigger).

Tak percaya cuba compare your nenek-nenek punya old photos and your own old photos......mesti banyak beza kan? Time tu cara pemakanan, lifestyle and what not pun banyak beza.

So macam mana la nak compare apple to apple?

*Apa aku melalut ni?*

To me beauty is so much more than your dress size or your skin condition. It doesn't mean you're big - then you are ugly. No. It doesn't mean that you have freckles, you are ugly. Not that either.

Lindsay Lohan banyk je freckles tapi ramai je orang minat dia.

To me beauty is about being confident in your own skin, no matter what dress size, skin condition, type of eyes/nose/ears/legs...that you have.

*And of course...hati kena baik. Aku dari dulu lagi tak suka orang hati kering ni......memang buruk je la perangai at the end of the day*

And one person who is (both big and) beautiful to me is.....

*Queen Latifah*

I admire her confidence to achieve her very best. I admire her zest in life and the warmth and kindness in her eyes everytime he appears on stage.

Aku jamin kalau aku jumpa dia face to face mesti kena heart attack sebab jantung bergerak laju sangat.

She showed the world that size doesn not stop her from reaching out to the sky and going to the top.

*Not to mention her stint in Chicago the Movie kan....phewh, sangat sexy.....*

So why must people be intimidated with being big? As long as you are healthy....I think we all should take a step back and enjoy life more.

This shout goes to all my gal pals! Love the skin you're in!

*chewahh!!!!macam iklan Loreal*


shasha said...

yer yer..agreed!!..yg penting sihat dan happy kan kan??

Zuraida said...

kan kan kan shasha....

yang penting kita sendiri happy...

Shmea said...

yeah curves are in. skinny sticks are SO out. hehe. :)

Zuraida said...


yeap. kalau stick thin tapi aneroxic buat apa kan???