Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zal's Bday Party @ Borneo Baruk Club

Met Sha last Saturday to pass her these....
*fridege magnets from Vietnam*

Memang susah gila nak cari.I don't know why, even touristy places tak jual fridge magnets. Banyak jual those preserved animals in bottles. *yeah, gambar itu ada, nanti aku load*. Tapi akhirnya I jumpa jugak kat Ben Thanh market, so I bought her a bunch.

Hung out with her till after 7pm. Macam tak sedar diri je ada dinner and afterparty @ Borneo Baruk Club (BBC) which starts at 8.30pm, tapi sebab takde baju nak pakai boleh melilau-lilau lagi kat OU cari baju.

Mula-mula pi Dorothy Perkins with Sha - no success.

Then menapak pi Birdcage - also no success.

Dah nak give up dah then I step into this shop....

*baru successfull*

I bagged a neon midnight blue dress (again - ala2 Blair Waldorf ; yeah, lately semua baju yang aku berkenan mesti ada kaitan ngan Gossip Girl.....so gila teruja) and guess what, I got a free broach too!!!!

But I am not a "broachy" person. So that night I left it at home.


By the time sampai BBC for dinner it was almost 9.30pm, then I noticed semua orang pakai either merah or pink.

*duh, did I miss the memo? The theme was bright and colorful....tapi nape semua pakai merah!!!!!whatever la*

*my dinner - tenderloin steak and lots of warm water*

*Zal's Bday cake - from Just Heavenly*

I am constantly reminded that pics for the night is exclusive, so I can only share the very few that is of me (that is safe for public viewing). So sorry to dissapoint you guys, no pics of blowing the candle.

Since Liza is excited to see my attire, here it goes....in lengthy detail.

*the dress from Pink Evil's fashion Supermarket - I like a lot!!!!!!*

*vintage earrings obtained 2 years back...still in very very good condition*

*4 inch guess heels from Guess*

*my own collection - XXL bangles - LovingPretty*

I tried my best to enlarge the photo but that's the biggest it can go after cropping it from my demure hands.....

*aku dan shaz yang dah lama tak ketemu*

*dia jurugambar rasmi malam ni. but then too bad her cam ram out of battery. boleh tak?*

*me & era - yang sangat suka camho*

*the rest of the crew*

Had a blast!*wink wink*

Happy Bday Zal. Hope to celebrate many more to come!


Shmea said...

love ur outfit, kak zue! :)

shasha said...

birthday birthday....cakes cakes...heheheh...aku pulak yg excited..

Zuraida said...

thanks lea!!!!

itu bukan bday cake aku la shasha...sape la nak belikan aku bday cake...sob sob.