Tuesday, June 30, 2009

7 days before I am packing up my bags while the rest go"blue"

*ok...i might go blue too*

And now that its official I can shout out to everyone that in 7 days time I am going to say my official goodbye's to my existing collegues and bosses.

Should I google a "goodbye letter" template?

Sounds like fun.

I am here for over two years and had made great friends (like Kom, Wen Chu and Wei Liew to name a few, and many others.....) and I would be taken slightly aback in the new working environement where I won't be seeing those faces anymore.

That part....bummer.

On another note I am excited with the new job. New portofolio. New bosses. New hope. When all else fails at least a new start gives a little bit of something something to work on and hopefully things will eventually get better.

Positive thinking, positive thinking.

I refuse to dwell on my "man"ly problems. Maybe somewhere along the way I forgot about loving me and maybe this is the chance to get back to that, so no matter how things turn up later, I'm going to go selfish on me, me and me.

Maybe I should consider adopting.Like Kimora Lee Simmons once said "man come and go, the money come and go....but the kids stay". Maybe I should go adopt a kid from a third world country and name them with quirky names like "Maddox" and teach them to speak Malay. And just focus at that. At least adopting is not as destructive as bingeing on food or any form of substance that kills. It might make you a better person as well.

Or maybe I should just come up with a list of 100 things to do before I hit 30 and concentrate on that.

*and so not including "getting married" or "finding Mr Right" on the list.....otherwise it's totally jinxed*

Countdown starts now.



puterikurekure said...


ok. skang ni concentrate on keje baru k.

ms. lili@ said...

ohhh ye ke... bestnye tukar kerja.... huhu sume orang dah move on.. i want to.. butttt..

oh well.. anyway lepas ni pergi mana ? big 4 or commercial ?

all the best kak zue ! :)

Anonymous said...

we ARE the third world country :P

shasha said...

babe...tukar kat mana? so lepas ni tak bole le jumpa you kat Gloria ek..?

Zuraida said...

ms lilia & shasha,
u will know where i'll be soon enough.

u guys can always go to gardens on weekdays to see me *wink wink*

since u want to be soooo specific, then fine. Repharasing that to "OTHER THIRD WORLD COUNTRY". Happy?

Besides, Malaysia is not famous for foreigner going on child adoption. rather than adopt here I might as well make my own right? I bet a lot of men would be happy to contribute for free.