Monday, June 8, 2009

The Day We Visited the Vietnam War Museum have not been to Vietnam if you do not go to the Vietnam War Museum.
Its so heartbreaking okeh. I was almost in tears by the end of the tour there. The photos and stories that they tell is so sad. Tales of genecides, murder.......sometimes I wonder what kind of sin renders such disgrace?
Anyway, that's the last stop of my 4 day Ho Chi Minh trip and what I saw there really made me stop and take a step back. Deep inside I was counting my blessings that I don't have to witness the same ordeal on our own land, that I am somewhat safe and protected from such cruelty.
Of course, you would have the average tanks and bullets and bombs and traps displayed and that will leave no prints in your heart. In fact, we had fun camwhoring with the freaking tank!

What makes me sad is the fact that people kill without mercy. Torture innocent women and kids. Left them to die with no food, no shelter, no medication.
The fact that people are at war and everyone is so heartless, even to a newborn baby.

*pics of body piled up in one of the local provinces attacked by the US army*

*only half of the body recovered after a bombing*

*weapons used during attacks*

*bombs and bullets*

Even more heart shattering is the fact that the war is not over till today, people are still fighting the after effect of a toxic chemical named Agent Orange, that was released to the public to kill farms and poultry, in which eventually affected human growth and kill millions of lives.

It is said the Agent Orange affects 3 generations of genes creating genetic diseases such as cancer, among others, on top of physical disability and malfunction.

*baby fetus affected by Agent Orange*

Whoever created that thing should rot in hell.

*more bombs*

Among others in display is a recreation of detention camps with tiger cages, where political detainees where detained during the American war. These camps not only house prisoners but also practice various means of torture, such as detaining prisoner in a manhole filled with cow dung, pricking needles to fingers, bashing heads in cold water up to point of suffocation and many more.....

*by this time aku dah kena cover with sunnies*

* a prison cell that fits about 14 prisoners - they usually put 14 prisoners or more in one cell during summer so that people go nuts over the heat, and put only 2 or 3 people in each cell during winter and chained every single person to a steel bar so that none of them can't run from a designated spot and seek warmth*

And lastly, one of the most interesting tool of all.....

*the guillotine*

Brought in from France during the French occupation, the guillotine is widely used to decapitated heads of prisoners in these detention camps to set an example to the general public. The heads were later hung for display.


Such cruelty.

Thank God its the last place to visit. Otherwise I'd be having nightmares.


shasha said...

errrkkk..tiba tiba rasa seram hah??..

Zuraida said...

ngilu and seram???hahahahah....

kalau ko pi sana ko kena be mentally prepared then...