Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hari ni aku adalah guinea pig ala frankestein

At the moment,I am stuck at a reknown medical centre,my stomach urching in pain because of gas,needles poked to major capilaries in both arms (because the freaking nurse can't get bloos out of me) and was tied to multiple wires for an ECG test.

I felt like a walking test tube.


Now I am put to wait to chat with the doctor.

And guess what?I lost half a centimetre in height,and when chics got all excited coz she suddenly got taller,i just found out i'm shorter by half cm.

Bummer.Stresses the need for killer heels.

Oh I'm called.


puterikurekure said...

buat test apa ni?

shasha said...

macam mana org bole meninggi dan memendek nih??..aku gitu gak dari dulu sampai skang...haih~

elle said...

babe, u kena buat stress test ker?

Zuraida said...


aku tak tau la macam mana boleh jadi camtu!!!!tapi aku tak nak la makin pendek!!!!

intan and elle,
med check up i ada all these test...scary kan???