Friday, June 26, 2009

Its a Friday and how I wish I can just drop everything and run!!!!

It has been a long week!Dah lama tak kerja lambat macam ni!Sigh!Ntah macam mana la rasanya when I move to a new job, and all this changes (again). I am hoping for the best!*wink wink*.

June is not what I'd hoped for. With the sudden rush of jobs and then deman, then the week after diorrhea, then semalam kena eye infection....(asyik sakit je memanjang)....tak boleh la nak berparty bagai orang gila. Sigh. Not that I have to do it, just that it would be fun to do it in June and its such a bummer that July will be knocking in soon, but then takpe.....operasi panggilan pulau sudah confirm jadi (yeah, tix sudah book.rakan-rakan dah confirm) and it would be a nice mini-break for me. Just to laze by the sea. Doing absolutely nothing.

*Don't get any ideas.This is a gril-trip. Not "I'm gonna get rowdy" trip - okeh aku tau Peeja tengah angkat kening...turunkan balik kening itu!*


Takpe la. Maybe if we can wrap things up by today I might not have to work tomorrow...then I can go for the KLue Urbanscapes happening @ KLPac Sentul and have some "me and my friends" time chilling at the event. Hahahahah! I so wanna catch Yuna and Pop have to be there latest by 4pm!!!!!

*ye la, the start sometime after 4ish....then have to allocate time for getting lost given the fact that the festival is huge!!!!*

Anyone going to be there??? Buzz me! We can meet up for coffee or something kay!

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shasha said...

hope you're having a nice time babe!..enjoy~!!