Saturday, June 27, 2009

@ KLue Urbanscapes with Liza and Farah!

Dapat free tix to Urbanscapes but then Liza and myself sampai 10 minit lambat to redeem it and by that time semua orang Nuffnang dah cabut and kitorang berdua menggelupur kepanasan disana.... free entry to exhibits.... enthusiasm to meet Yuna and Pop Shuvit squashed... checking out the various local acts.

Bummer. Buat penat rushing and going through the jam.

We were joined by Farah and Mylo and since alll of us dah senasib satu bot.....we end up just walking around the marketplace checking out the vendors there. Nothing much but watching the crowd is quite interesting, Semua agak fashiony.

Makes me feel underdressed.

Anyway, panas nak mati okeh. And I am too tired to elaborate too much so enjoy the pics!

I came home with a bunch of cheap earrings and we had Nasi Daun Pisang at Nirwana @ Bangsar after where we were served by PMS-throwing-tantrum waiters. I gelak je tengok Farah sakit hati rasa nak maki waiter tu.

Hahahaaha. The thing is, its quite funny also to see how Farah is so hot and Mylo is so cool. Cute couple.

Its sunday and I am going to make the best out of it. Cya tomorrow folks!


shasha said...

panas terik masih sempat bergambar sana sini...kalo laki aku la dah lama dia ajak balik masuk shopping complex lagi best katanya...hahaahah..dasar puteri lilin..

~LIZA~ said...

seriously aku suka sgt kat the purple handbag ok! :D