Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lady Gaga playing in my head.

"Let's have some fun this beat is sick, I wanna play around with your disco stick!*

Oh my, if only I could just leave all these papers and go out, out and out!!!! I am falling sick, after 4 days of crunching numbers and squinting my eyes extracting documents with alphabets with 6 size fonts, I am so not in the mood to stay here any longer.

*and partly because yesterday I worked till almost midnight. Kalau bukan chics merempan about it at her blog...I would have been proud...hahahaahh!!!!But then, thinking twice, its nothing to be proud of. I am stuck in the office while the rest of the world had a life! So phatetic! (eh, betul ke aku eja ni???dah tak boleh pikir dah!*

So the Lady Gaga song sort of played over and over again. Eventhough if we go through the whole lyrics the whole thing will go a bit dirty......(yeah, wanna play around with your disco stick!!!!!!) but then what the hell, it keeps on playing on and on and on in my head.

Maybe I should stop listening to my Lady Gaga CD and start listening more to Rihanna...starting from N.O.W!

By the way, I made a vow. If I work late till Friday I am ditching everyone at work and go for Urbanscapes on Saturday!!!!! Tak kira. The team has to take one sebab it is so IMPOSSIBLE for me to go to the Akon concert next Thursday due to the tight deadline (yeah, aku nak berparty bersama Akon di Sunway Lagoon...tapi sudah tinggal angan-angan kosong....ces!!!!) so better go missing on Saturday then on a weekday kan????

Anyone nak join????

Holler me okey!!! Kita jumpa di sana beramai-ramai mahu??? Then celebrate birthday saya mahu????


shasha said...

heheheh...agak2 award pekerja contoh leh dapat kat kamu tak?
opss..sabor sabor...jgn marah...

peej said...

disco stick..uuuu..i likeeeee...haha..
what akon's concert next thursday??huargghh..perlu la concert time2 nak pakai duit untuk pulau kan..damn u akon..tp xpe..ada disco stick..haha tiba2..larikssssssss...

Zuraida said...


hahahah, pekerja contoh???memang tidak la....kalau aku calon pekerja contoh takde nyer nak berblogging in between jobs.


oh, disco stick suker ye?????

yeah...aku miss concert akon last year, aku nak pergi la thise year tapi tak boleh lagi. damn u "tut*!!!!

*nama tak boleh disebut atas isu-isu keselamatan*