Monday, June 29, 2009

The Last String Pulled

Last Tuesday's pics of my LHUJ will be the the last pics of him you will ever see in my blog.

*okay, kalau keluar blog links I would not be able to help it. But then don't expect any new photos*

Because its over.

Because yet agian, he managed to cut through my heart with a dagger with the lamest excuse a person who love you can give....

....." that I think you will be better off with someone else and that there will be no future for the both of us".

Among others.

If he had loved me that would never be said. Clearly though he said that he did, he never did really love me.

Wake up. Its time to move on.

Thank God that I have Komala, Wen Chu and Wei Liew with me, or otherwise I would have ended up in God knows where and I might not even realised it.


shasha said...

i don't know what to say..but i believed you deserved someone better....!!...sabar yerr...


Nana said...

hmmm if you dont mind me asking what is LUHJ? sorry huns .. hope you're ok!

Zuraida said...

and that's what everyone said. Moving on...


LHUJ = Lauk Hati Ulam Kantung = referring to arif, now my ex-fiance. I am devastated over the fact that when I called it quits, he actually made me changed my mind and now that I am thinking that things might get better, he suddenly dropped the " maybe we're better off separate ways anyways...."....i felt so stupid.

anyway, no worries.tones of fish out there.

dazzledalie said...

i'm with everyone, 'yes, perhaps, it's high time for you to move on'. BUT, berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul ye dak?

take care, semoga menjumpai cinta sejati :)