Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On Sleazy Man....

Why the hell must men be sleazy even before you have the first date???

Its not classy okeh. Eeaaargh!!!!!

The things is lately I have started considering options outside. Not to say that I am totally mute over the possibilities that my existing relationship will work out - but then the off again and on again thing is driving me nuts. So yes, I left the window of opportunities open.

*tapi takde la aku flirt meliar tahap dewa....just macam saje test water je la kan...*

But then what I find scares me. Because seriously, where have all the gentlemen gone? Okay, don't you ever day say taken coz I will smack your head right then and there. Or is it just men, after a certain stage, give up on things and decided to get booty calls as much as they can get because at some point they get too lazy or too dissapointed....


I don't mind making friends. In fact, I love having guy friends. Its those out there that can't define the borderline friendship and steady relationship that I found idiotic.

Like when we say no....they interpret it differently.


What part of the two letter word can't you freaking understand????

And obviously if you have openly discussed the three letter word even before we met harusla aku tak nak keluar ngan ko kan???

The thing is, its a bit tasteless to talk about such things when you don't even really know the person you're talking it to. In fact, I bet it won't be discussed openly in public between normal friends (the way you put it la, sangat bukan friendship thingy).

I'm not that type of person. jahat-jahat aku, I don't easily give in to men. And sleazy men is not just irritating, they're plain disgusting.

I'd rather be a nun.

Benci betol!

Whatever la. I always skim out the ones I don't like anyway. Bad first impressions.


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shasha said...

seriously...memang susah nak cari lelaki yg ada quality sekarang ni...all has been taken...tinggal la sisa2,otak tak berapa nak betul dan sengal nih...pulak tu perasan hensem dan hebat abis laaa...nyampah...eh,tapi aku rasa kat tempat kamu ramai je yg hot2 aku tgk...heheheheh