Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Peaceful Day

I toss and turn all night but thank God, my sleep was sound and undisturbed. I woke up fresh from a night's sleep (though lambat....hehehe....a luxury that will expire in less than 30 days) and the world seem so tranquil.

The sun a perfect shade. The air's a perfect breeze. Birds chirphing (yeah, hari ni dengar burung-burung chirping....entah dari mana datangnya I really don't know) and my mood at its best.

Its a good day.

*24 hari lagi ke panggilan pulau.....oh seronoks nya!!!!*

I brought my gym bag with me today so I can have an hour at gym during lunch but then I scurried at the Forensics side and found out that Li Kai is alone today.

Tak sampai hati la pulak nak biar dia makan sorang-sorang!!!!!

So gym is postponed to after work.


It's still a beautiful day.

Bestnye if life life remains stagnant like this. No expectation. No pressure. No worries.

*No giving a freaking damn of what other people think or say or do. Don't even be bothered if suddenly they want to jump a building*

Just plain peace.


Its definitely a good day.


Mrs LVoe said...

yup, sha rasa aman makn sorg2 dpn pc smbil baca blog :-)

Zuraida said...


elok la kan tak jiwa kacau...