Monday, June 8, 2009

Tak boleh layan Fringe....

The girls are having a meet up at KLCC but I don'.t feel good, my body still ache since my "demam" is still around so I decided to just rest at home.

I had a quick shower and called an early night but then I have been tossing and turning in bed.

*and the fact that my neighbour is cooking a very delicious smelling chicken soup and it doesn't help. sigh. I miss homemade chicken soup....sape la nak buatkan untuk aku??*

So here I am in front of my tube watching Fringe Season 1.

What? Never heard of it?

Whoever loves CSI and Criminal Minds....this tv series has a mix of both.

*yeah,psychotic criminal, deadly chemical that kills a lot of people, young FBI agents on track of a saiko scientist and a nutcrack disgraced scientist and his son that seems to know all the answers......expect a lot of drama...*

The story evolves around fringe science (mix of dangerous experimental science that was never proven, or proven or kept secret because its so deadly) and the use of it to achieve human greed. Crimes of unexplained nature surfaces and an FBI agent, Olivia Dunham, was sent to solve the mysteries and questions which can only be answered by one person, a doctor Walter Bishop, a scientist which was confined in an institution for over 20 years.

The series of cases evolves around experimental research findings that we're conducted during Dr Walter's engagement for Defence Research. Its mind boggling how such circunstamces could got to watch it to believe it.

Even if it doesn't exist....its a good show to follow.

I am halfway through it already (since I have been watching it on and off since last Friday) and would love to watch all the way to the ending....

Which is still a long way to go since I have 3 more disc to the end of Season 1...bummer.


Nice addition to tv series watchlist.....enjoy!


shasha said... husband pun recommend citer ni sebab dia tahu aku suka criminal minds....

Spin Me Silly! said...

hi! been blog hopping and saw ur post! the show looks interesting and joshua jackson is looking good there. i need new shows to keep me occupied until the next season :P

Zuraida said...

oh yes babes....this is a must watch....hari ni pun aku nak pi kedai beli season 1 part 2 pulak...sebab dah halfway then abis.


spin me watch ya. then tell me if u liked it!