Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Talking about insecurity

I guess its pretty clear that my personal poison would be my own body image, and that projecting confidence, getting comfy in my own skin and getting myself together from devastatingly breaking to pieces over how I look and carry myself, no matter how vain (or not), is just not a very easy thing to do.

Yes, I can count myself as quite a strong person and that I live by what I think is best for me, me and me (oh, statement sangat selfish!) but then I can't lie to myself that there are times that I wish I look better. Or thinner. Or sexier (walaupun sekarang ni pun dah agak sexy). Or have a better peronality.

Like kinder. Calmer. Less Clumsy. and the list goes on.

I suppose what troubles me most is the fact that a person would walk by and look at me with a plastic surgeon's eye and start stripping me down to the very basics and srutinising my flaws....

*oh my personal nightmare*

Why can't I jus be gratefull of who I am and what I am becoming?

I am in fact, only human. And as a human, I have greed. Sigh.

*sometimes you can't just help but wonder aite?*

This is a reminder to myself.

There might be moments of insecurity when you might feel beat down or worn off but then the only person who can be strong for you is yourself.

You can make yourself beautiful - because there make-up.

You can make yourself look good - get new clothes that compliments your figure and your style.

You can be techno savvy - get new gadgets.

You can be happy - be with friends and family. And spend more time on yourself.

At the root of everything, there is one core person - you. If that one person give up and give in to insecurity, obviuosly it'll make room for desperation and devastation to kick in.

So smile, be merry and use up everything else. You already have the tools (the make-up, the shoes, the clothes, the people)...you just need to work on yourself.


shasha said...

senyum senyum selalu...itu awet muda maaa....

peej said...

so true...
tp tiba2 semalam aku break down..ahah lawak pulak if fikir balik..gila buduss..

Zuraida said...

tapi kalau muka macam c*bai je kan penat macam mana nak senyum????


aku pulak breakdown hari ni....agak contagious ye ko punya breakdown effect.

Mrs LVoe said...

life is too short for us to be disappointed any longer ;-)

Zuraida said...

Mrs LVoe,
spot on...sangat agree!!!