Friday, June 5, 2009

The Walk

I was suppose to go and visit the Independance Castle and the Post Office on the last day tapi....was too tired,so me and a couple of friends decided to go free and easy and just joined the tour group after lunch to visit the War Museum...

So after breakfast at a Highlands Coffee outlet nearby the hotel, we went to town for a quick walk...

*at the roadside...mak cik jual kuih baulu and kuih kapit panas*

*in one of my WAG's moments...again*

*the walk to TAX supermarket*

*at TAX Supermarket*

We dropped by TAX supermarket to go and buy coffee...*grin*....coz its cheaper, even the filters come at less than RM1. Kalau beli on the tour bus, the filter alone they charge about RM5 each.

Tapi I takde la pi beli coffee....Vietnam coffee is too thick for me, I reserve them for visits to Vietnam only....

*or kalau nak jugak ada jual kat Charms cafe @ OU...for RM5.50 per cup. Ok kan???*

*while waiting for the rest, I go window shopping*

*uish...gembiranya Fazli naik escalator!!!!*

The escalator sangat kecik okey....muat-muat sorang je. Kalau overweight sikit dah nak kena lari cari lift la pulak.

I didn't get anything, because the rest of the goods which are branded and sold here is freaking pricey. How pricey? let's just say they pay RM500 for a pair of adidas that we pay about RM300 here....yeah, like almost double the why bother?????

We can get better designs back in KL anyway.....

*macam Plaza Alam Sentral time aku study kat ITM dulu...hehehehe*

The walk about town lasted for an hour, and we later group up at the meeting point soon after and started to goof around again with our cameras.....

*berkongsi pics!!!*

*oh, we also bought some kuih kapit and baulu to go, ok!...delicious nak mati....aku sangat tak sangka*

*Fazli....trying to buy some of the kuih kapit from us coz he can't have enough of his and makcik yang jual kuih tu dah beralih to somewhere else*

*3 dara pingitan...hahahahaha!!!*

*the view from where I was sitting by the roadside*



shasha said...

3 dara pingitan dan kuih kapit...heheheh

Zuraida said...

uih, gembira aje ko ye dengar kuih kapit...hahahahaah.....