Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aku pening kepala

.....there's tonnes of work...suddenly.... there's pending insanity that remains unsettled to date...seriously aku tak suka tersepit kat tengah-tengah ni, its insane. Sekarang ni who's the victim?

And today is just one of those days that it suddenly resurfaces.

Hey, aku bukan sengaja nak buat-buat lupa...but then if you guys yuang cari pasal between each other why the hell must you be such a jerk and act all gungho as if you own the world?

Sumpah nanti satu hari it'll get back to you very very bad.

And when the time do come, I won't even care a bit.


1 comment:

mylife said...

zue, walau aku tak paham citer ko nih tp sila lah sumpah sajer itu org2... hahahhahaha... i think u are allowed to do that... ;)